Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 12

A Matter of Faith

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 1999 on CBS

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  • Christmas comes to Walker & Company, and some people discover the TRUE meaning of Christmas

    This is my 2nd favorite episode (my first is "Lucas").

    The bit with the robbing Santas was interesting, but really just a subplot, which is OK. I loved it when, while apprehending the Santas, Sydney knocks out the female accomplice and says, "That...is for the baby!" (The female accomplice had faked a "my car rolled off with my baby inside" bit...it was only a doll.)

    The true plot had to do with a young man who is trying to make a life for himself, following God instead of gangs. His prayer in his class was lovely in its simplicity. I loved how this episode portrayed Christians; people who pray for the big things and the little things, but people nonetheless, who slip, fall, and ask for forgiveness. Walker quoting from the Bible gives me chills every time.

    Granted, the whole "baby in the manger" bit, with the parents named Jose and Maria (Joseph & Mary), was a bit much, but I loved the way it was done.

    Just good, Christmas fun.