Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 5 Episode 8

A Silent Cry

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 1996 on CBS

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  • Sleazy,Dumb,and Ugly Badguys

    The above Title fits the Badguys in this are a trio of Construction Workers who uses a Date Rape Drug to slip into the drinks of unsuspecting women in order to render the women unconscience,and rape dump the unconscience victim out of their Van do this to the daughter of one of Walkers mistake,or should I say Bigger finds out,investigates,and of course nails the always amazes me how these low-lifes can become so confident in their the exception of one of the trio,the others feel that they are feel this way because the daughter of Walkers friend was unconscience when she was could;nt identify any of the men who had assaulted while she was conscience she can described the one who gave her the describes the accomplice to a sketch artist,and that picture is shown on is worried,and rightly wis only a matter of time before they are all others are still confident that they will not be idiots will do one more thing to make sure they can never be think they are smart with whatever the more is,but it prove to be their downfall.