Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 21

Blood Diamonds

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 05, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

Walker is racing in a sports car and has a briefcase next to him. He arrives at his destination and goes in. The person he meets asks him to open the brief case which he does and there are diamonds inside. The man asks for the case but Walker tells him to give him his partner(Trivette) first. And he says yes, Trivette comes down from ceiling dead. Walker starts shooting them and they shoot back. Walker escapes but is hit. Walker finds a place to hide and pulls out a recorder and starts to talk about the events that led to this. He says it began when a man from out of town, picked up a girl and was hoping for a good time. When they got to his hotel room, she asks him to fill the tub which he does. But she opens a door and lets a guy in, he thens attacks the guy and robs him. He sees his brief case and is going through it when the man attacks him. In the end he is killed and the girl and the guy leave. The next day Walker is serving Alex breakfast when he gets the call about the murder. He leaves and Alex reads the paper and on the front page is a story about weapons being stolen from an Army base. Walker arrives at the hotel, and the detective tells himthere have been a lot of robberies wherein a hooker picks up a guy takes him to his room and lets her pimp in, who robs him. But until noone has ever been killed. The detective tells Walker that the man's name is Joseph Ileka, a Ugandan whose business is telecommunications. Trivette finds a list weapons. Walker goes through Ileka's brief case and finds a bag of diamonds in a hidden compartment. Walker does a background check on Ileka and discovers that he is on Interpol's watch list. He is associated with a revolutionary movement in Sierra Leone. And that they buy arms with blood diamonds which is what he had on him. Trivette finds some e-mails on Ileka's computer. It seems that he has been corresponding with an arms dealer. And that they're suppose to meet at Texas Stadium. Walker thinking that they don't know Ileka on sight decides to go undercover with Trivette posing as Ileka and Walker as a weapons expert. They go to the meeting site and Gage and Cooke are watching them. A helicopter shows up and they take them away blindfolded. They go to the meeting place and meet the arms dealer, Victor Drake. He asks for diamonds which they give him and he then shows them their weapons, which Walker inspects and approves. Drake says that he will turn the weapons to them he gets the rest of the diamonds. Trivette says 48 hours and they leave. After they leave, Drake has his men dust the weapons, they touched, of their fingerprints and has them checked out. Walker then meets with an FBI agent, who identifies the man who met them at the stadium as Hendrick Rolfe. The agent thinks that the should bust Drake but Walker doesn't think he'll show up unless they have the diamonds. Gage and Cooke find the girl who was with Ileka, her name is Sparkle and she refuses to talk even when they threaten her with being charged with murder. Alex gives it a try but she still doesn't talk. She is coughing so badly that they bring her to the hospital. In the meantime the medical examiner learns that Ileka was infected with an Ebola Virus and calls the CDC. Walker upon learning of this thinks they should change their plans. Walker is worried that Alex, Gage, and Cooke who spent time with Sparkle could be infected, especially when Alex starts sneezing. The doctor says that they have to be tested. In the meantime the guy who was with Sparkle is visited by the police and he runs away but not after shooting one of the cops. Alex later learns that she is not infected. Alex goes to talk Sparkle again and telling her now that he has shot a cop, if the police find him, they will probably shoot to kill. She says that she loves him. But Alex tells her that if she does she should help them find him so they can bring him in alive. She tells them his name is Flint and where he hangs out. Gage and Cooke are staking the place, a bar out. When he comes in with his hood up, Gage approaches the bar and the bartender sees Gage's badge and a fight breaks. Eventually Flint is subdued but he succumbs to the virus. Walker learns that the person who has the diamonds is coming to town. So Walker and Gage meet the man pretending to be Drake and Rolfe looking for Ileka but instead the man, a General Abu meets them and shows them the diamonds. Abu and his men are arrested. Trivette pretending to be Ileka calls Drake telling him that he has the diamonds and Drake tells him when they will meet. But what they don't know is that Drake is watching them. Trivette goes to the hotel where they have been staying and Rolfe knocks him out. Walker later arrives and finds blood on the floor and is later called by Drake telling him that he ran a check on them using the fingerprints he lifted from the weapons they handled. He tells Walker to bring him the diamonds which he did. One of Drake's men finds Walker but Walker takes care of him. Walker takes his cellphone and calls Gage and Cooke and tells them where he is. They arrive just when things are getting hairy. Drake corners Walker on the roof and demands he give him the diamonds. Walker opens the case and throws the diamonds. Drake then opens fire and Walker falls to the ground. Alex then wakes up from her nightmare and goes down to find

Walker alive and serving her breakfast. Walker then gets a call and leaves. Alex reads the paper and freaks out calling Walker. She leaves the paper on the table and the headline is "Weapons Stolen from Army Base."