Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 7 Episode 19

Brothers in Arms

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 01, 1999 on CBS

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  • Brothers in arms

    This is another favorite Walker episode.Up until the later part of this episode,I had no idea that Simon was really a deep mole working undercover in the Darden Organization.This episode reminds me of "The Prodical Son" episode of "Wiseguy".Like Vinnie Terrenova,Simon Trivette reveals himself as an undercover mole.His thoughts like Vinnie's was best to keep his work secret from ones own relatives.Although Vinnie had revealed his work to his own priest brother,buy not to his Mother,until later.Simon we also would learn,had told he,and Jimmy's Mother before she passed away.Jimmy would learn about this also.In conclusion,all goes well in the end.
  • We didn't know anything about Trivitte's sibling rivalries until this point. We do now!

    As we see in this ep, Ranger Trivette, it turns out, has a single broher, whom seems to be getting in trouble with the law. This does not sit well with Trivette, as he and his brother, Simon, had been extremely close back in his childhood. Simon, as we learn a little later in the show, had prior to his involvement with the drug cartel been involved as an FBI agent, but when he broke his leg and got exposed in an undercover operation, the FBI let him get put in prison for 5 years so as to deny his cover. He got out of the prison in 18 months, for what we can only assume was good behavior (Trivette does not mention why). So then, shortly after, when he sees his brother for a second time, Simon explains his reasoning for going on the wrong side of the law. Trivette seems ready to start something right then and there, but he gets restrained by the cartel boss' bodyguards, and then is forced to leave. Walker does a little recon on the situation by paying a little visit to the cartel boss' mansion and doesn't find out much that he didn't know already. In short, he tells him roughly that, "when the time comes, you're goin' down. Big time." Anyhow, near the end we discover that Simon was actually a deep mole, deep as they go, and gives up the location of the drop. the rangers arrive early and take down many of the most important drug cartels. The day is saved!
  • Trivette's long lost bad brother is ordered to kill Trivette.

    So I have mentioned in a previous review that I would hate to be related to any of the characters on this show – it just means that something is going to happen to you or that you are destined to be bad. This episode just further enforces that theory. Walker and Trivette go on a bust to bring down a major drug dealer in the Dallas area. They first bust the “Panther” who is the heavy for the bad man Darden. Turns out the Panther is Trivette’s older brother, an exFBI agent gone bad. As Walker and Trivette get deeper into the case the Panther is given an order to kill Trivette as a warning. And then Trivette is shot. So is the Panther really bad or is all a set up and he has a heart of gold like hios brother. Well there is a happy ending as the Panther was really undercover and he only pretended to kill Jimmy. With all the information that the Panther knows they bust the drug dealer and have a happy ending.

    WAMMER moment: Alex starts bugging Walker at the end about starting a family. He points out that they aren’t married yet, to which see answers can be remedied quickly. Cute moment.
  • Trevett thinks his brother is a member of a drug ring and believes that he is to blame for their mother's death. But there may be more to the story than even Trevett could ever imagine.

    Walker and Trevett break up a drug ring, and Trevett is shocked to learn that his brother is part of it. He blames his brother for their mother's death. The drug lord asks Trevett's brother to kill the Ranger. You think he has done it until right before the big bust. Walker talked Trevett into faking his own death. Trevett's brother was also hired to kill Walker. It turns out Trevett's brother has been working undercover for five years. He couldn't even tell Trevett about it. Then the brothers work together to make the bust, and it all turns out cool in the end.
    Plenty of high kickin' Texas justice, just like every Walker, Texas Ranger episode.
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