Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 9

Child of Hope

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2000 on CBS

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  • and baby makes three...

    So this isn’t one of my favorite episodes. I LOVE the fact that Alex is pregnant and Walker is going to be a “daddy”. It seems to be what both of them wanted, but I just didn’t like the whole plot of them having Max and a way for them to introduce it. It just seemed too much for me, like the shows where there are like 6 kids and they all go through a similar problem all at the same time and you see how they all handle it differently. Just too contrived. On a random note, Sheree looks totally buff in this episode. Her arms at the start when she is playing and feeding Max are really defined. As a girl, I wish that I had her body!!
  • Heart Warming!

    Ahhh, Where do I start. This episode is everything I look for in Walker. There is fighting, Family matters, and most important WAMs. Yes this episode holds some great WAMs especially the end. I don't think I will ever forget it. I dont want to ruin the episode for any body but if you are a true walker fan I'm sure you have seen it. As most everyone Knows at the end of this episode Alex finds out shes pregnant. I will never forget what she said to Walker.

    Walker: Who was it?
    Alex: It was the Dr.
    Walker: What did he say, have you come down with the flu?
    Alex: The baby Flu.
    Walker: The baby flu?
    Alex: Walker I'm eight weeks pregnant.
    Walker: No!No!(excited)
    (They Kiss a couple of times)
    Alex: Daddy.
    (This was taken right from the show)

    I will never forget it!
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