Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 7 Episode 5

Code of the West

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 1998 on CBS

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  • Code of the West

    This episode has become one of my Top ten favorites.It is one of those feel good episodes;at lease in the second part,when Katie understands that despite the loss of her parents,she still has people who Love,and Care for her.Her reaction when she thought that she would looze her Grandfather when he was about to be hung,truly touching.The other young lady Cindy though she lost her Mother,she was more optimistic.Her reaction to when she saw her scumbag Father try to hang the Judge,and her,and Katie's attempts to stop it really touched me.Walker,and Trivette,and Alex giving those badguys the beatings are truly just.And,the Judge's desire to adopt Cindy,Cindy,and Katie's wanting a sister...truly a happy ending.
  • An escaped convict goes after those who worked against him in his trial leading him to the judged who sentenced him to death.

    This was just one of those episodes that makes Walker a good show. I love the bantering between Walker and Trivette. A few times when a criminal would start to run Walker would look at Jimmy and say “He’s yours Trivette” and then Trivette would come back all dirty from going after the criminal. After a few times of this happening he went up to Walker and asked him when it would be “his turn” and Walker replied when they don’t run. Little lines like that make me laugh. It also had the typical helping out of the poor children with a good moral ending. And of course Walker had to come to the rescue. The only thing missing was a good WAMMER kiss.