Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 1999 on CBS

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  • Anthrax is going to be spread all over the city unless demands are meet.

    New Rangers. This is the start of the Syd and Gage era (although it was short as the show ended 2 seasons later. They did change the dynamics of the show a bit and added some more are they/aren’t they sexual tensions that stopped when Walker and Alex became and official couple. A renegade group had placed enough anthrax in the metroplex to kill everyone in the area. They called the Texas rangers with a demand for money and prisoners to be released. Walker and Trivette call in the new rangers to help try to locate the anthrax before the time is up.

    What was up with Walker hanging by a rope under the helicopter holding the bomb?? Couldn’t he have just as easily dropped in from sitting in the helicopter??

    WAMMER: nothing, sigh…