Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 1996 on CBS

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  • Edward Albert, Jr. plays a swine who kidnaps Alex and a busload of children for $10 million and then buries the entire bus and them in the midst of an approaching tornado.

    Of all the above choices of classifications for this episode, a number applied---A Very Special Episode, Cleverly Plotted, Series Classic, Pivotal, Fine Example, Well-written, Exciting, and Exactly Why I Watched This Show, but I chose "Above Average", because Exceptional was not listed, and it pretty much sums up all the other classifications. Of the 244 episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger's nine-year run, this one has stood out in my mind as exceptional ever since its original air date of Saturday, November 23, 1996 almost ten years ago. With the help of a homeless man, Walker has an hour to find Alex after she and a busload of children have been kidnapped by swine Edward Albert, Jr. for $10 million, then buries the entire bus and them in the midst of an approaching tornado. Thankfully, Walker picks up on Alex's clue about meeting him for the the dinner date they'd planned for 7:00 p.m. in fifty minutes which helps him pinpoint their location in the wake of the storm's location at the time of her clue, and he and Trivette then have to dig all of them out of the ground with the tornado literally bearing down on their butts! Just as Walker gets all of them including himself under the protective cover of a nearby cement overpass, the tornado whizzes right in front of them, loudly pulverizing everything in its wake with the exception of their covering before it then blows away and is gone the next second with barely a whimper, leaving all of them unharmed. In the five years of this show's 2001 cancellation, I had never forgotten this episode, and while Walker has aired on USA and Hallmark in the Atlanta, Georgia area for some time now, I had not watched cable, had thusly never seen this episode again, nor even known its title. Last year after a year of having acquired a computer and E-Mail address, I looked up Walker, Texas Ranger on its official website and found out that this episode's name was "Cyclone" that originally aired Saturday, November 23, 1996, and ever since then, I have been watching the schedules both on USA and Hallmark in the hopes of retaping this episode. In the past year, if it has aired, I've missed it, and it has since stopped airing on USA. This past Wednesday, September 6, 2006, after something I had been watching went off at 6 p.m., I thought I'd browse through the TV and movie listings and see if anything worthwhile was going to be coming on TV for the rest of the evening. When I saw Walker, Texas Ranger listed to come on Hallmark at 7:00 p.m., I clicked on just to see what the episode would be about and was shocked when I read "Children are kidnapped on a bus," or words to that effect on the DirecTV Grid. When I looked up and saw that the episode's title was "Cyclone" dated 1996, I couldn't believe it, and taped it, naturally! Yesterday, Friday, September 8, 2006, I got a chance to view that tape, and that episode blew me away as powerfully as it did upon my first viewing of it ten years ago! I am presently reviewing that episode that I taped three days ago as I write this review, and I am still blown away! Exceptional! TheDaimler2006, Saturday, September 9, 2006.