Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 2

Deadly Situation

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2000 on CBS

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  • total lust bunnies...sex, sex, sex...

    So is there nothing that Walker can’t do?? I know that it is only a cop soft ball league, but he has two great plays. One is a double play that give the other team their three outs and then if that wasn’t enough the bases are loaded and Walker hits a home run so the Ranger’s team wins. There is also some really cute WAMMER’s in this episode as it is not that long after the marriage and they are still in the lust bunny stage…lots of sex. The main plot is dirty cops delivering busting certain drug rings and then delivering part if the bust to other dealers for a cut. But with lust in the air, who really cares?? There is also some sexual tension between Gage and Syd over the kiss that they shared after Walker and Alex landed safely on their honeymoon disaster.
  • Two brave Sage City Police officers uncover a dirty secret with fellow officers who have stolen a mountain of cocaine, while working under a ZTU, Zero Tolerance Unit. After Simms is killed, Cooper confides in Walker and together bring down the dirty cops

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Cooper was a brave cop defying his superior, Lt. Shell, the leader of the cops stealing the cocaine, and helped regained the name of the Sage City Police with the help of Walker, Trivette, Gage, and Sid. Walker knew who Cooper was related to, and therefore was able to trust his instincts to believe Cooper was innocent. Trivette did a great job of controlling the trigger happy Sage City police and the Swat team from shooting to kill. As an added bonus, I enjoyed the fact the texas rangers and sage city police were able to take down the drug dealers benefitting from dirty cops. Excellent episode.
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