Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 13

Division Street

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

Two gangs, the Blades and the Guardians are battling for dominace on Division Street. One night a boy who runs with the Blades is tagging Guardian territory. When the Guardians catch him they chase him. He runs into the Christian Community Center. Boomer Knight the man who founded and runs the Center runs into the boy and when the Guardians come in looking for him, Boomer runs interference. Knowing that the Guardians are probably outside waiting for him, Boomer asks the boy if he wants to play basketball. When they leave, the Guardians are there but the Blades arrive and before anything happens, Trivette and Gage intervenes. The next day Walker shows up to talk to Boomer. Boomer is worried that he has not yet made ammends for the things he has done. Walker tells him the Center is a good start. They then look at the children outside and they about how racial tensions are a big part of the friction between the gangs. Boomer then points out the boy from last night. Walker tells him that his name is Danny Williams and his brother Mike is the leader of the Blades. Boomer would like to get them into the Center and Walker has an idea and it works. In the meantime, Carson a drug lord who uses both gangs as his dealers visits Mike and Ace, the leader of the Guardians to tell them that Boomer and the Center are making problems for him and his business. He tells them to deal with it. Back at the Center, Walker gets Danny to show his basketball skills, and he is awesome. Another boy, Jeff who runs with the Guardians shows what he can do. They then have a game. Danny and Jeff bump into each other and they start getting into it when Walker and Boomer breaks them up and makes them put on boxing gloves to settle their differences. Afterwards, they continue to play. Later that evening someone breaks into the Center and trashes it. The next day Boomer is fixing it up along with Walker and the boys. After they're done, Walker has Boomer tell them why it is not smart to be enamored by gang life. Boomer shows them his gang tattoo which they think is cool but Boomer tells them the only reason he has it is to remind him of how he screwed up his life. He tells them that Walker arrested him and he was sent to prison. And because he was so cocky he got sent to isolation. And he was on the verge of losing his mind when the man in the next cell started talking to him about God and they prayed. Eventually, the man was released and Boomer, who was then a racist, saw that he was black and it was then that Boomer decided to devote himself to God and to make ammends. Later the Blades and the Guardians show up at the Center to do waht Carson wants them to do but Walker, Boomer and three guys tell them to sit down. Boomer intorduces the three guys as former gang members whom he met when he was in prison. They proceed to tell them their life story which includes of how they wish they never joined a gang and of how tough prison was and how there were times that they wished they were dead. With that said and done the gangs join the Center's basketball team and play against another Center. The people in the audience who are from the neighborhood are amazed of how the two gangs are now working as a team. Carson who is looking for them finds them at the Center. At halfime the team is losing by a lot but after Boomer gives them a pep talk they come back to win. Later Carson's men break in and trash the place. The next day Mike and Ace are there ands they swear to Boomer they had nothing to do with what happened and they help him fix the Center. Later Carson meets Ace and Mike who tell him they're out. Carson vows to make them pay. Later Boomer goes into the Center and someone knocks him out and put him in a van. Danny sees the whole thing and tells Mike who talks to Ace who says he didn't do it. They deduce that Carson is keeping his word to make them pay for quitting. They go out and find them. They leave Danny and Jeff behind. Walker upon learning that Boomer is missing tries to find him and he runs into Danny and Jeff who tell him what happened. They offer to show them where Carson took Boomer. At a Guardian hang out, Carson is about to string up Boomer when Mike and Ace show up and take out Carson's men and are about to string him up when Boomer stops them. That's when Walker shows up and takes Carson away. Later Alex tells Boomer that Carson is going to prison for a long time. They then go watch the boys play.