Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 13

Division Street

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2001 on CBS

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  • Best episode

    Hulk Hogan teams up with Chuck Norris to teach some stereotypical black gang bangers the ways of the world. If Conan O'Brien hasn't used any clips from this episode, he should. He could stretch the clips from this one across a week's worth of episodes. Best episode I've ever seen of Walker.
  • \"Division Street\" Takes the Cake as Walker, Texas Ranger\'s Worst Episode...

    Yech, where do I begin? This has to be by far the worst episode of not only the final season of Walker, Texas Ranger but quite possibly the worst show of the entire series. A lot of the last season episodes have been less than stellar, and this one takes the cake as the worst. Here's a synopsis...

    Walker investigates a part of town where the racial lines are drawn and teens are growing into gangs, creating all sorts of vandalism and chaos in this sector of town. In walks Walker, and his idea to help clean up the community. A common bond among the younger kids is basketball. So Walker decides to begin a basketball competition to help keep the kids off the streets. Soon later, a gang of older kids walk in and after getting a serious wake-up call from former gangsters who messed up their lives, these teens also enter the basketball tournament. Meanwhile head gangsters are upset when they find out kids of all ages are playing basketball in the city rec area, rather than carrying out their evil deeds. Hulk Hogan makes a guest appearance, as a former gangster who was busted by Walker years ago, however over time became friends.

    Ok, now onto some comments...

    As I said, this has to be the worst episode of the entire series. The gangsters as they call them, are nothing but a bunch of regular kids pretending to be tough. Then there's the attempt to put a spin to all this by adding Hulk Hogan as a guest star to try and get viewers. First off, I have nothing against Hulk Hogan, he's a good guy, but when he's sitting there telling the kids about his corrupt past, and preaching to us that Jesus Christ got him through it, I just about turned off the television.

    As far as the main cast goes, they just become spectators to everything. Walker doesn't do much of anything, and other cast members simply attend the basketball games and add absolutely nothing to the show. A true sign that the show was running out of steam, and basically just a weak collective effort by the writers and the actors. As I mentioned above some of these last season episodes have been rather run of the mill, but this one takes the cake as the worst.

    Grade: D
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