Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 4 Episode 17

El Coyote (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 1996 on CBS

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  • After a frantic woman in a bar beggs for Walkers help for a friend, he goes undercover in Mexico to bust a slave smuggling ring.

    This is one of the few storyline's that is not even a little rediculous. I'm shocked! Most of the time there is something that is a little funny but not here. This is part one of the two part episode about bait and switch slavery out of Mexico. I know that things like that are still happening today and it's unacceptable! Walker and an old friend pose as Mexicans who want to be smuggled into America with the promise of high paying jobs and health care for a low price. They even go as far to DYE WALKERS HAIR! Now thats undercover! Once they arrive they find that they will be working at a slave camp for $2 an hour! As usual Walker refuses to let others be hurt and get's a 'warning' from 'Massah'. On to part 2!
  • Walker teams up with his old bud, Jesse Rodriguez to bust gringo slavers.

    This is a pretty good episode, though not the best of the series. We don't see much of Alex, Jimmy, or CD in either part 1 or 2. Much of the focus is on Walker as tracks down a slave trader that lures poor Mexican villagers with promises of wealth in Texas. Walker infiltrates the ring, along with his friend Jesse Rodriguez, who is a Mexican law enforcement agent. Walker passes himself off as a native from Guadalajara "where many Germans settled", according to Jesse. Walker's hair is dyed black and he has some kind of skin coloring to make him appear darker. But he still sounds American to me when he talks. Finally, near the halfway point of part 2, we see the leader of the slave ring. It seems to take a long time to get there. Not one of the best episodes, but certainly not one of the worst.