Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 9

Fight or Die

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 1999 on CBS

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  • Walker, Gage and Trivette go undercover to break up a prison fighting ring.

    At a prison there is a rumor of fights between the prisoners being run by the guards. Things get worse when an undercover cop that went in to see if the rumors are true was killed. The governor asks a special favor of walker to go in because no one knows who he is. Because the ring is suspected to go all the way to the warden Walker knows that he is going in without a safety. To help him out Trivette decides to go in a guard and Gage as another con. Trivette will keep in contact with Syd and Alex. We find out that all the cons that go to the prison spend time in solitary where they care checked out to see if they are going to be fighters. Trivette finds out that these underground fights are taped and sold on the internet. Both Walker and Gage travel through the ranks undefeated upsetting the Hammer, previously the only undefeated criminal. When the Hammer wants to take them on, he says the fight is to the death. He first challenges Gage and when the Hammer gets close to killing him Walker jumps in the fight. While all this is happening Trivette runs to call Alex and tell her to send the cavalry. He is over heard and taken to the fighting area. The lieutenant in charge of the fights calls out they are all cops and to kill them. But Walker is already winning the fight and the inmate sense the change in power and start attacking. Walker and Trivette handcuff all the bad guards and fins original tapes of all of the fights and who was behind them.
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