Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 11

Full Recovery

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 1999 on CBS

Episode Recap

Bradley Roberts who works for the Cox Genetics Center discovers that they have serin gas. He then goes to his brother, Danny to tell him what he discovered and that he plans to get some of the gas and then give it to the authorities. Danny offers to go with him. Bradley enters the facility first and then sneaks Danny in, he then disables the security cameras so that he can get the gas. When security learns of what happened they go to find out what's happening. Bradley and Danny manage to get a vial and are trying to get away when they are caught and Bradley is shot, he gives the vial to Danny who escapes. He is then chased by the security people. He comes to a bridge and is being chased and shots are fired eventually they run him off the bridge. Cooke who is nearby runnning hears the shots and finds Danny in the water. NOw he has no id and she gives Gage the vial to have it analyzed. Later Waylon Cox is talking to security man Rader about what happened and how this might jeopardize what they have planned. Rader tells him not worry because the man is in a coma and the vial is missing or so they think. Alex tells them what's in the vial. Walker tells Cooke to go back to the hospital and arrives just as someone is trying to smother him and stops him. When he wakes up he finds himself handcuff to the bed and is questioned by Cooke and Gage. When they ask him who he is; he doesn't remember. Walker then decides to plant a story in the newspaper stating if anyone knows him to come to a place they designate. Again Rader tried to make a move but Walker and the others stop them. But are still in the dark about him. It's then that a girl named Seagull enters and claims to be the guy's girlfriend and even has his wallet. They then bring her to him hoping that it will jog his memory but nothing. Walker then decides to try something; it seems that Danny is into martial arts so he has him spar with Gage. And even after an intense session he still doesn't remember. Walker then tries meditation and Danny remembers everything. Walker and the others make their way to Cox. Cox in the meantime is giving final instructions to Rader on where to deliver the gas. After Rader leaves Cox places a bomb in the crate with the gas. Rader then leaves. Walker arrives and makes it to Rader's office but Rader shoots himself. They find him in a secret room that is a shrine to his son, a marine. They find papers that state that his son was accused of cowardice that led to the deaths of others, he then committed suicide. They also learn that Cox held the brass responsible for his death claiming they used his son as a scapegoat and that he vowed vengeance against them. Walker learns that those men will at the Camp Stuart and that a truck was sent to that base. Walker and the others get to the base and catch Rader and his companion making their getaway. Cooke and Gage go after while Walker checks the truck. He finds the crate with the bomb and the gas. He takes the gas out of the truck and manages to get away before it blows up.