Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 11

Full Recovery

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 1999 on CBS

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  • Walker helps a boy find his memory and enough nerve gas to take down half of Dallas.

    A computer geek at a genetics lab finds out that his company has been making Sarin gas. He decides to break in and get a sample to take to the police. He tells his slacker brother what is happening and asks for his help. After getting a sample he gets shot and asks his brother to go to the police. The makers of the gas chase after the bother and hit him with their car. He ends up in the hospital in a coma where the bad guys go and try to kill him. When he comes out of his coma he has amnesia. Walker’s great idea is to reintroduce him to his old hobbies – I understand that – but he had head trauma so who’s great idea was it to hit him in the head?!? When that doesn’t work Walker tries some meditation. The boy remembers ever thing and leads the team to the company that is making the gas. Walker figures out that they are releasing it at a military air show where all the big brass will be as an anti-war protest. The team shows up just in time.