Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 11

Golden Boy

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

Walker has been helping a young boy named Juan who was a gangbanger but because of his influence and the love of his mother, Elena has a future. Presently he's participating in a boxing tournament and Walker is his coach. He is boxing a friend and wins, his friend doesn't hold a grudge. In the meantime, some kids who are high on some drug are on the train tracks when the train comes at them. Juan and Elena go home and find her husband who is drunk and upset that she didn't make him dinner and starts hitting her. Juan tries to get him to stop but starts hitting him too. And he doesn't tell Walker what happened when he sees him with a black eye. Autopsy reveals that the kids were high on some new form of ecstacy that they learn is called Angel's Kiss. They deduce that who ever is bringing this drug in is using teens as their dealers. They talk to the survivor, Kirk who tells them that they were at a rave and that is probably where the drugs came from. Walker tells Gage and Cooke to go to one and see what they can find out. Juan runs into CK a guy who is still a gangbanger who wants Juan to join him but Juan turns him down. When it's time for Juan next bout, Elena tells him to go with Walker, it seems she wants to make sure her husband is fed before she goes. When Gage and Cooke go to the rave they are denied entrance by the bouncers. They go at it and when it's over they suspect that Kirk gave them up. After Elena feeds her husband she says she is going to Juan's bout and he insists on going and that he will drive even though he is drunk. After the fight, Walker learns from Alex that Elena died in an accident. Upon hearing this Juan breaks down. At her funeral, her brother plans to take Juan with him to Arizona but Alex is worried that the move might jeopardize Juan's chances of getting a scholarship to a University. So she and Walker offer to ler Juan stay with them till he graduates. Juan is blaming himself for not protecting his mother, and when he runs into CK again he goes with him, completely ignoring his school work. When the school calls Alex who tells Walker who confronts Juan who only gives him attitude. In the meantime Trivette does a little background check on Kirk and discovers that he has been dropping a lot of money in the market. They deduce that he is one of the Angel's KIss ring dealers. They confront him and he was hoping that his father will back him up but instead threatens him into telling them what they want to know. He tells them of another rave. They are staking it out taking pictures and Juan and CK show up. They show the pictures to Walker and point him to the man who might be in charge of the Angel's Kiss, a man named Nikolai who is called Nikki. He asks them about CK and tell him that he is on his way to prison because of his long record. Juan and CK are out and CK goes into a park and confronts some kids among them is Mario. It seems that Mario has been stopping them from selling their drugs to kids. When Juan hears of this, he wants to leave but CK stabs Mario and Juan knocks him out to stop him from doing anything more to Mario. Walker and Trivette go to see Mario who tells them that Juan did nothing wrong. Gage and Cooke try to get CK to tell them about Nikki but he refuses. Walker finds Juan at his mother's gravesite. Walker tells him he knows what he is going through because his parents were killed too but all he can do is to try and live as best as he can cause he knows that's what they would want and what Elena wants for Juan. Juan tells Walker were NIkolai keeps the Angel's Kiss and they raid it and apprehend Nikki. Juan goes back to make up all of the school work he owes and trains for his championship bout. Juan not only manages to graduate but gets a full scholarship to Michigan State. In his championship fight, he is having a hard time but sees his mother in the crowd and is inspired to win the bout.