Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 1

In Harm's Way (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 1999 on CBS

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  • Geez Walker ends up avoiding the marraige talk after saying he wants to do it

    It was a good thing Walker knew what to do when on a deserted island, how to hide and set up surprises. It was funny when they held Alex hostage, Walker threw an unactive bomb in front of Alex, and all the bad guys freak out and run away. I felt bad for Alex when Walker got shot and ordered her to dig out the bullet out.The ending was funny when Trivete tells Walker they got a call, and Walker says I can't Trivete I'm having an important talk with Alex. Trivete: Your're kidding right? Alex tells him to leave. Walker Okay, Let's go
  • Gage and Sidney don´t appear in this episode yet

    for instant i though CD died when they gave him a shot and lost the pulse , but trivette was right - he´s one tough hombre. Bad guys want Walker and Alex dead ,cause walker´s got the tape of proof and to hold alex from showing up in the court .Their plane is shot down .But Walker and Alex survive the crash . They swim a long way to some island . But killers are hired to make sure Walker and Alex are dead.
    Walker takes down one killer and gets his gun belt. Killers are tough but not as tough as Walker and they manage to get outta there and put the bad guys away . You know it´s funny to watch their surprised faces as Alex and Walker enter the courtroom
  • Everyone lives but no more talk about marriage.

    Walker and Alex survive the plane being shot at, survive the plane crashing into the water and survive being shot at while swimming to shore. CD is revived in the hospital. All is well in Texas. Once they are on the ground a tactical team starts looking for them. Walker hides Alex and starts eliminating the team one by one. All is going well until Alex starts sneezing from a cold and the team captures her. Walker frees Alex and eliminates the rest of the team. Meanwhile the federal judge is delaying the proceedings as much as she can for the evidence to show up. Alex and Walker and the evidence turn up in the nick of time and the judge turns Mr. Openshaw over to Texas for the murder charges. Happy ending…almost. Alex reminds Walker that he promised to have a serious talk about their wedding. As she makes him sit down to talk Trivette comes in with a call that they need to respond to.