Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 7 Episode 22

Jacob's Ladder

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 15, 1999 on CBS

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  • Adam and his father.

    During the beginning of the episode, Adam Crossland gets upset when his father Jacob Crossland doesn't come home especially to his soccer games because his father is always on 24 hour duty calls as a fireman. One day when Jacob returned home from work, Adam wanted $10 bucks to go to raging waters with his friend Lee but his father told him that he was still grounded from spraying people's parked cars and has to finish serving his community service at the HOPE Center. Adam's father later decided to give Adam $10 bucks and to go see Alex Cahill at the HOPE Center to give the old lady Mrs. Hannah Sanchez whose house was torched and burned down by the gangs. Adam and his father argued and Adam told his father that he hated him. Adam's father doesn't care about how Adam feels and told him they were still going to the HOPE Center. During the middle of the episode, when Jacob and the firefighters arrived at the burning house crime scene they are greeted by the gangs who tries to kill them. Walker and Trivette help them out. While the 2 firefighters put out the fires on the house and Walker and Trivette takes care of the gangs, Jacob and his partner Keith Rockwell goes into the burning and rescue the 2 people who trapped in there. They succeed in rescuing them, but Jacob gets shot in the process. At the hospital, after the doctor tells Jacob's wife about what happened, Lou Ann and her son Adam are crying. Lou Ann always knew that her husband would get hurt or burn but she says that it's not fair that the gangs shot her husband. Alex reminds Lou Ann that Jacob is a hero because he rescued 2 people from the burning house. Adam is apparently affected by this trauma since he feels pretty guilty for arguing with his father on the same day that his father got shot and almost killed by the gangs. Walker tries to comfort Adam by telling him that only God can answer his question. Walker and Adam pray to God. At the Hope Center, the gang torches the house but Adam puts out the fires until Walker and Trivette arrive to fight the gangs and arrest them. Alex told Adam if his father saw how brave he was he would've been very proud. Jacob survived and scored the medal of valor for his bravery. Happy ending.
  • A Texas gang scares witnesses by fire-bombing their houses.

    Another bad Texas gang. This one has killed a boy because he refused to join the gang. An entire neighborhood of witness saw it but only one will come forward to testify. When she does he house gets fire bombed. The firefighters that respond to the fire call the arsonists cowards. Another neighbor decided that he will speak up. His house also gets fire bombed and this time when the firefighters respond they are greeted with bullet fire. At this point every one in the neighbor hood swears that they saw nothing. Alex’s case is falling apart. When a neighbor is being harassed by the gang he runs to the H.O.P.E. House where the gang gets ready to blow it up but in step the Texas rangers. The neighbors all gather around as the gang is being arrested and decide they are no longer afraid and will testify. Happy ending.

    Funny note. On a stake-out Jimmy is in a bad mood complaining about everything and wants music to be turned on. Walker turns on the radio and the Eyes of a Ranger theme song is playing. Jimmy complains that it’s not music and Walker insists that it’s good music.

    WAMMER: Not muck to report – there was more action from these two before they got engaged.
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