Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 6

Lazarus (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2000 on CBS

Episode Recap

Walker and the others are still trying to find the one responsible for the undercover government operatives that were killed. He asks Leslie Clarkson the DEA agent he saved to give them a description of the man sent to kill her whom she says is called Lazarus. After giving them that Trivette sends it out hoping that someone has seen him. In the meantime, in Fort Worth, Ira Goldberg who dry cleans linens for bars and restaurants is delivering an order to a friend, Pete. When he goes in, he sees Pete being leaned on by Lonnie Redman. It seems that they have been paying protection to Redman's father for years and had no problems but Redman placed Lonnie in charge of it and has raised what they have been paying by $500. Pete tells him that he can't afford to pay him that but Lonnie doesn't care. When Pete threatens to complain to his father, Lonnie kills him. Buzz makes a list of possible hackers who broke into the government's files, she gives it to Gage and Cooke. Gage chooses a hacker named Tiny Malone while Cooke goes to see someone named Big Hack but both men are nothing like their screen names. They give them some names of who could be doing it. And when they come back, they compare with Buzz and they all agree that it's Cro Mag. It seems that Buzz knows him and is the one who is responsible for her being sent to prison. She deduces that he must be using a different screen name. Ira and his wife go to Alex and tell her about Lonnie. She then sends for Walker, who tells them that he will arrest Redman and place them in protective custody. The Chairman is asked by one of clients to locate a man named Sam Wong who is going to testify against him, who is in Witness Protection. He then has his man look for him. Trivette and Rosetti go to arrest Lonnie, who is beligerent but in the end they take him in. When Sam Wong's location is discovered, The Chairman sends Lazarus to deal with him. But before going he buys some special ammo--Black Talons. When he picks them up; a cop who knows that his source is laways up to something comes up and insists on inspecting the car which he does but Lazarus kills him. In Arizona Lazarus finds Sam Wong and his family and then kills them all. Lonnie's father goes to see him in jail and is disappointed in him cause he knows that the money he was squeezing out of them were to support his grug habit. He also tells him about Goldgerg and promises him that he will take care of it. He then contacts the Chairman who then puts his man on it. Buzz finds Cro Mag and gets him to tell her that he now calls himself The Wizard and dares her to stop him. The Chairman upset that the media has not announced his achievments instructs Wizard to tap into a tv news teleprompter and type in a report of the deaths of government under cover agents and even the death of Sam Wong. When this goes out on the air, Alex and Walker are upset, he then sends Gage and Cooke to Arizona to check out the crime scene. When they get there they see the black talons. When they go back, they report to Walker who tells them to follow the ammo and Gage knows someone who deals with special ammo. When they get there, he runs because he thought they were there because of the cop. He tries to explain but all they want to know is who he sold the black talons to and tells them his name is Lazarus. They tell Walker. Later Lazarus is at the safe house where the Goldbergs are and is looking for them but all he finds is Walker. After getting it on, Lazarus pulls a gun on Walker but Rosetti shows up and Walker shoots him but when he tries Rosetti shoots him fatally. It seems that Walker had Buzz plant a false location on where the Goldbergs are knowing that Wizard would pull it out and give it to his boss who would send Lazarus. Trivette and Rosetti inform Lonnie that the man his father sent to take care of Ira Goldberg failed. But he says that Ira is senile and noone will believe him. That's when Ira who was watching him from behind a one way mirror, comes in tells him that he will bury him. Upon hearing this Lonnie decides to tall them about his father and the Chairman. Redman is talking to the Chairman asking him to deal with his son, whom he knows will sell him out. But Walker and the others arrive to arrest Redman and Walker comes face to face with the Chairman, whom he vows to take down.
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