Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 6 Episode 4

Lucas (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 1997 on CBS

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  • What a drama it was

    This has to be the most emotional ending, correction this is the most emotional ending of the entire series of WTR. You are so attached to this kid and you hope he will come through in the end. It is the first time we see an emotional Walker (maybe the first of Chuck Norris, known as the man without emotions)

    Anyway, I surely miss the days of WTR. Not all stories are good but at least you got a good incorruptable cop with a nice kick.
  • Walker saves, befriends, and becomes guardian to a little boy who has AIDS.

    This is my favorite episode of this series. HJO does an OUTSTANDING job playing Lucas; in the scene when Walker tells him the truth about his AIDS, he does an incredible job making the acting subtle; being the "brave warrior", but the scared little kid was peeking through. There are adult actors who couldn't do so well.

    I cry every time I see this episode. Walker's eulogy at the end is so touching - seeing the big, tough Texas Ranger wiping his eyes and his voice quivering gets me every time.

    Side note: count how many ways they hide Sheree J. Wilson's real-life pregnancy (The REAL reason Alex had to pretend to be pregnant in "Forgotten People")! My favorite: hiding behind the birthday cake's box lid.

    A wonderful episode and, as I said, my favorite of the entire series.
  • Worst ending ever

    This has the sadest ending I have ever seen on any show ever. I watch a lot of tv and it is just so sad how in the end lucus dies. The wort part is that he died of AIDS. The good part was he got to say goodbye to his Horse and Walker. The funeral didnt make me feel any better eather I cant believe that stuff like that acually happens in this world of ours. First his mom dies and then him. All because she wanted to do terribe stuff which got her AIDS in the first place.
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