Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 6 Episode 9

Mr. Justice

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 1997 on CBS

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  • Hope,and Justice

    There are three things about this episode that I do not like: the senators attempt at sabotaging the Boot Camp experiment, the guards that were actually sabetaging the the experiment,and the one hardhead who tried to escape,but was stopped by his fellow inmates.He ended being the only one imprisoned.Good!Now that is justice.
  • street punk will always be a street punk

    i don´t like this episode much , as prsioners and everything related to prison is disgusting ,
    i would have expected more fights between young hoods ,
    as for Mad Dogg , he kept it real and i respect that and that other dude too , who got killed ,
    there ain´t anything that would make a street kid any better , it is his lifestyle and he is used to killing and robbing ,
    seriously this camp was a really wack idea ,
    but once again great job by the director , at the end when this dude showed Walker a python revolver and this guy hit Walker from behind and he asked others to esacpe with him and you know i thought they did .. cuz Walker woke up like wat the hell is goin on ,

    Walker taught us all a lesson : make smart choises , not fast and easy choices