Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 2 Episode 10

Night of the Gladiator

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 1993 on CBS

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  • Spartacus??

    So it seems that the rich people in Dallas have nothing better to do than to spend tons of money watching un-refereed fights. The guys that fight are some volunteers and some that are forced into it. Like Randy. Randy is an old friend of Jimmy’s from his football days. He is fighting for Cantrell who won’t let him leave. After a bad fight Randy’s opponent ends up dead and they tell Randy that he killed him and if he talks they will go to the police. So now Randy can’t stop fighting. His sister comes to Trivette when he stops talking to her. Trivette and Walker confront Randy and he denies anything. Walker and Trivette go undercover into the fighting ring to find out what’s happening. Randy confronts Cantrell and tells him that he knows he didn’t kill that man and he wants out. Cantrell says fine, but then kidnaps his sister to force him fight again. Turns out that randy is supposed to fight Trivette and then Walker. He is told that if he doesn’t kill Trivette then his sister dies. During the fight Walker goes to rescue Diane. When she is free he takes doen the bouncer and Cantrell. Randy gets probation for the fighting.

    Wow: Jimmy has a six pack…
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