Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 7 Episode 18

No Way Out

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 1999 on CBS

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  • I loved this episode!! I shows the reappearance of Caleb Hooks. It has flashbacks and revenge and much much more!!

    This episode is a good example of why i watch this series! This episode includes flasbacks of many episodes prior about Walker and other villains. In this episode Caleb Hooks, from The Avengers, returns to get revenge on Walker by killing Trievette and Alex. And an attempt to get CD but failed. I would say this episode is one of my personal favorites that i watch all the time. During the episode i love the suspense and how they use flashbacks from the preceedung episode and other episodes to build the suspense when Walker is trying to locate Caleb Hooks. I still watch this episode today.
  • Alex needs rescuing again...A WAMMER must!!

    Caleb Hooks is back and wants Walker’s life. To get to Walker he kidnaps Alex and Trivette and puts them in a container of slowly rising freezing water. The episode starts with a bunch of flashbacks to the first time Caleb fought Walker as he is sending Walker through a bunch of clues to find his friends. As things gets worse for Alex she starts remembering all the times in the past that she has been in trouble and Walker has come to her rescue. (Some of the flashbacks were The Return of LaRue, Whitewater and Survival). As Alex is slowly fading she remembers Walker’s proposal and all of their greatest kisses.

    This is the best WAMMER episode – it’s like the Walker and Alex kissing highlight reel. This one is staying on my DVR for a long time.
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