Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 7 Episode 11

On the Border

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 1998 on CBS

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  • Alex feels that a friend’s son was wrongly accused of dealing drugs when he ends up mysteriously dead.

    It was nice to see Alex go with her intuition and convince Walker that she was right. Usually it’s Walker’s Cherokee feelings that he follows (and makes Trivette follow), so this was a nice change of pace. Basically a big bad sheriff is using his power to get people to run illegal shipments for them in their trucks. If they say no – they end up dead. Enter the innocent trucker trying to save enough money so he and his girlfriend can get married. He wants no part of the sheriff’s plan and tells him that he will report him – and not a minute later he truck blows up and the official sheriff report says drugs were involved. Alex doesn’t buy the story and takes Walker and Trivette with her to get to the bottom of it. In the end the good guys win, the bad guys loose and the innocent trucker actually escaped with his life and got to get married. Don’t you love happy endings?!? BTW – I love the fact that Jimmy can’t play horseshoes and how everybody makes fun of him for it.