Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 1 Episode 1

One Riot, One Ranger

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 1993 on CBS

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  • We are introduced to Walker and the gang.

    So this is the start of the man and his story – Walker, Texas Ranger. It starts with a good ranger friend of Walker’s getting killed during a bank robbery. Turns out this wasn’t just any bank robbery but a trial run for a hit on four banks in the Fort Worth area all at the same time. The man behind this is getting his teams ready and having them pull off small jobs to prepare. CD gets the pleasure of introducing Walker to his new partner Jimmy Trivette (whom Walker keeps saying his last name wrong, calling him trivet, like the little metal things that hold hot pots). Well Walker likes to do things the old fashioned way and Trivette is into computers so they do butt heads a lot, but we can see it’s going to be a great partnership. Alex Cahill, ADA, comes to Walker asking him for a favor, seems a circus performer was raped and needs to stay at his ranch until she can testify. Walker says yes and protects the girl until it’s time for the trial. He opens up to her about the day his parents died. In the end Walker predicts when the banks are going to be hit and is there waiting taking down all the bad guys. At the very end we get to see another hidden talent that will pop up through the years – seems Walker is a good bull rider.

    WAMMER – A flirty hug that Walker says he could used to. It’s the start of a long flirtation and lots of sexual tension for those two.
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