Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 1 Episode 1

One Riot, One Ranger

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 1993 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • While Jimmy is chasing the crooks in the van, the wheel cover on the front driver's side tire of his car goes missing. When he crashes the car, the wheel cover has returned.

    • The license plate number on the Jeep the three rapists are driving is the same as the number on Mobley's car when he comes to a screeching halt at the bank.

    • The license plate on Mobley's car magically changes between the time he makes the u-turn after getting the call for the bank robbery in progress and when he pulls up to the bank.

    • When Walker is crossing the border to go back into the U.S., and the border guard checks his prisoners, watch as the camera pans the bed of Walker's truck. The prisoner with the long black curly hair opens his eyes ever so slightly.

  • Quotes

    • Woman: Excuse me, do you serve tourists in here?
      CD: Well we used to but we couldn't chop them up small enough to stay on the plate.

    • Walker: What are you doing CD?
      CD: I'm doing what you call your concentrating. It takes a lot of concentrating to be a writer. A lot of concentrating.
      Walker: Yeah, especially if you're writing about all the trouble you got us into back when you were a Ranger. Which was as I recall one third fact and two thirds fiction.

    • Alex: Walker, there is a special place in heaven for people like you.
      Walker: Yeah, and I can't wait to get there.

    • CD: I tell ya, this medical retirement, look what it's doing to me. I must have gained five, fifteen pounds.
      Walker: More like a hundred.

    • (Walker hugs a victim that just won in court)
      Alex: If you don't mind, I'll take one of those too.
      (Walker and Alex hug)
      Walker: I could get used to that.
      Alex: Terrific, all I need is a crazy cowboy.

    • Criminal: This is Mexico, Ranger. You got no right.
      Walker: I've got no right?
      (Walker hits him with a right hook)
      Walker: I think that's a pretty good right.

    • Rapist: Ranger, you screwed up! You forgot to read us our rights.
      Walker: You're right! You have the right (kicks the rapist) to remain silent.

    • Trivette: Does that mean he's about to charge?
      Walker: Shut up and run, Trivette!
      Trivette: Hey! You got my name right!

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