Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 7 Episode 9

Paradise Trail

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 1998 on CBS

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  • Another Hayes Cooper flashback.

    All of the Hayes Cooper episodes have such a Wizard of Oz type feel. It is interesting to see who the characters will end up in each new episode. Usually some of the themes stay the same (almost always Walker and Alex end up as some type of couple or at least hooking up) and Trivette is the faithful sidekick. As other reoccurring characters come and go through out the show they are also incorporated (in this episode it was Carlos and Trent). My only issues with the entire group of Cooper flashbacks is the fact that it doesn’t seem possible that all of them could happen. In at least a few that I know of it talks about Cooper living happily ever after in different cities with different people (all but one played by Alex). So I guess you just have to take these for random storytelling episodes.
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