Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 22

Reel Rangers

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 05, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

Trivette, Gage, and Cooke are on a motorcycle charity ride. They come across what appears to be a crime so they go after them. They then discover that what they came across was a movie being shot. And one of the people they beat up is the pompous star. Wes, the Director, is impressed by what they did and offers them jobs as stuntmen. They at first don't want to do it but when Gage meets the female star, Lily Jenner, he changes his mind and Cooke is not pleased. Sam Cardinal, the producer, is not pleased with Wes bringing them into the picture and warns him not to make decisions like that. He later tells his two guys, Ritchie and Swails to keep an eye on them. Later when Lily returns to her trailer, a guy who has been stalking her, shows up and starts harassing her when Gage comes to her aid. Cardinal has his security men bring him to the Sheriff but shortly after leaving they just let him go with a warning not to return. Trivette calls Walker, who is painting the nursey, to tell him what happened. Trivette talks to the security men about turning the stalker to the Sheriff and when he catches them not telling the truth, they admit that they aren't actual security men but movie extras and Cardinal doesn't want the Sheriff to find that out Later Lily is in her room and her stalker shows up and puts a knife to her throat, Trivette comes in and talks to him and subdues him. The next day Gage begins as the movie's stuntman and does ok. Trivette has Walker do a background check on Cardinal. Gage walks Lily to her room and Lily asks him to stay but he says he has to go and she comes onto him but he still refuses. Lily's brother Doug who is the movie's production assistant, sees Ritchie and Swails take some money out of Cardinal's safe and tells him. Cardinal tells him that he'll handle it but in actuality tells them to get him and take care of him. The next day Gage is shooting another scene with Cooke who is dressed very provacatively. Swails and Ritchie grab Doug and take him away. Walker tells Trivette that Cardinal doesn't make a lot of money from his films. So he must doing something else. It seems that he shoots a lot on locations that are near or in Mexico. So it could be some kind of smuggling thing. Lily is looking for Doug and Cardinal tells her that he's ok. Doug and the two guys are driving along, when one of them pulls a gun, he grabs the wheel forcing them off the road, He then runs and they shoot him. They tell Cardinal he is dead but doesn't think so he tells to get the money ready for tomorrow. They place it in one of the prop coffins and Gage sees it. He walks away before they see him. Later he goes into Lily's room and Trivette and the others come in and he tells them what happened and Gage tells them what he saw. Doug asks if it's enough to arrest them but they say they need more evidence. So they ask Lily to help them. Trivette tells Walker what they learned but problem is they'll be in Mexico tomorrow so they have no authority. Walker says he'll take care of it. The next day, Lily tells Sam she's ready for today. So they begin shooting and while they are, Cardinal and his men meet some other men who bring them drugs which they put in the coffin which held the money. It is at that moment that Walker shows up and arrests them. Cardinal tells him that they're in Mexico and so he can't touch him. That's when some Mexican police show up and tell Cardinal that life in their prison will not be pleasant. Upon hearing this Cardinal asks that he be turned over to American authorities. Walker leaves to finish the nursey while the others go finish their ride. But before leaving Lily tells Gage that Cooke is lucky to have someone like Gage care for her which he denies but she says it's obvious that he does. And to help him she gives him a big kiss good bye in front of Cooke who is affected.