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  • Walker Texas Ranger Cult

    The success of Walker shows that people really love the B movie format if it's well done. At 1 to 2 million an episode Walker wasn't cheap. Great martial arts but lousy police work. If Walker had just arrested the people that attacked him most of the crimes could have been prevented. Then he throws down his gun to have long drawn out Kung Fu match while people were in danger. Also knowing people were almost certain to be attacked by bad guys he would leave them either undefended or defended by a 79 year old bartender.. The only TV personality I know of who behaves like him was Popeye the sailor man. Still I love the show. To the guy whose depressed because he can't get it just Google piratebay proxy mirrors, use Bittorrent and sweet global upload limit for 5 kbps, you can have all seven seasons downloaded in a day, I watch them over and over.
  • Good, but pretty laughable

    Why does every Jim, Joe, and Billy Bob know kung fu on this show? And why the heck are people so eager to resist and assault a police officer? It seems like most of the situations could be settled with a little compliance, but for the sake of Chuck Norris having a cool fight scene they're just gonna make all the criminals idiots. And know kung fu.
  • Great Show

    I loved Walker Texas Ranger. Granted it had over the top action but the stories were great. The Walker and Trivette partnership was fantastic cause there was geniune love and respect between them. It was a modern day Lone Ranger and Tonto.
  • amazing tv show

    im only 16 born in 1997 but i grew up watching this show i still got them on vhs so i can watch them it should come back on the air i miss that show like crazy
  • Good Clean Entertainment!

    Walker is a perfect example of good entertainment with out sex and extreme violence. He takes us back to when bad guys are bad and good guys are good and get rid of the bad guys. His show is exciting and good for almost all ages. I wish we had more shows like his.
  • Great Action Show

    This has to be the only Crime drama I watch and for good reason. It has Chuck Norris fighting bad guys. Often these villains are pure evil with zero redeemable traits... which makes it all the sweeter when Cordell Walker beats the crap out of them.
  • Someguy Rudy Ramos

    I worked for the walker family off the 71 freeway at hamptons hotel. I have 2 certifications for Industrial Electrical with GPA 3.00 plus, and I am the only one in 20 years to pass the refegerator, and I was told by Jeff Shipley at 1442 north san antonio in upland CA that no one will ever score higher, but I put the 3 story of lights up all the time constantly because the sheriff are at work from the Donald Trump Show, and I see them disconnecting my lights and ruining my work, but I did nothing wrong. I don't appreciate walkers brother attacking Rudy Ramos with 30 men when I did nothing wrong, so I don't like your family telling Rudy Ramos that can't have the gifts on . that y I can't pay for CA because jokers like you are not suppose to be up here. I don't think walker can take zodiac or kimbo slice or floyd mayweater in the ring. I don't want to hear your brothers crap. Arnold is not zodiac at the la vern theatre your brother ain't going to show up either, and I am suppose to have all the gifts because Rudy Ramos is friends with Jeff not Zodiac, and I don't like your family telling Rudy Ramos anything its not your place becaue walker family don't know the difference of the 2. I am waiting to drive up the street and fight zodiac for a gift but coward keep saying this and that still won't fight zodiac. I don't want to hear your familys jokes cross the street or beat it.
  • A Hero and for Cowboy Fans!

    I was drawn to Walker for his seriousness, his heroism, and his fashion statement. You could be too!
  • So greaat

    Well, i think this was one of the most marking series of my life...i remember it as the first serie i've ever watched on Tv... with 4, 5 years :D and i really loved it. now i watch nearly everything when we're talking of series but on that time... i was almost a baby xD so i just wanna say thanks to walker cause it was really funny to watch him on his adventures i hope that one day i can review some episodes and think: "oh my God... this is fantastic, even now!" so that's it i recomend to everibody that didnt saw it! you'll like it ;)
  • It was a good series.

    When I was really young, I used to watch this show whenever I got the chance. I wasn't supposed to, but I snuck my chances. As I got older, I was able to watch the show without having to be in trouble for it. I liked the fighting scenes and the storylines in almost every episode. It seemed that Texas is a dangerous place to live. My favorite characters had to be Walker and his partner. They made a great team and worked well together. I alo enjoyed the scenes where the villains got their teeth kicked in. Good stuff. Thank you.
  • Second Chance

    Fun entertainment...nothing more, nothing less.
    Episodes were usually a bit over the top but by the same token they were fun to watch and at least sent a good message especially to kids that watched.
    I emphasized many times that there are always choices and that one can hopefully learn from the bad ones, and learn to make good ones.
    The cast seemed to really like one another and had a good time doing the series.
    If you are looking for deep intellectual fare, this show would not be for you, but if you want to have a good time and feel good after the show is over, this one IS for you!
  • A Chuck Norris Classic.

    This show replaced MacGyver in the past for me and set Chuck Norris up for greatness as a television actor. This show had karate, police, crime solving and drama all in one. When it ended it was a sad day for the Texas rangers and a sad day for the fans of the show. It was entertaining every week to see Chuck Norris fight crime and save lives. The show had bits of comedy, great one liners and awesome fight scenes for any Chuck Norris fan. It was definitely a classic show for Chuck Norris and I will always remember him as Walker Texas Ranger.
  • Bad. Boring. Ugly. Stupid. Yes. This show is low. And I mean low as in 'Seriously! Who wants to watch this?' sort of low.

    Well, well, well. Here's a show which has cliche written all over it! How so? Well, first if all...Practically every episode of this show has something to do with the tough and buff 'good guys' beating up the tough and buff 'bad guys' and usually with their fists. Sure, it's got its Western Flair and even a little Native American flair, but not nearly enough. When you consider that this show was able to last for nine whole seasons, I have to wonder how the producers and writers of this show managed to keep it fresh and stop it from becoming as old as it did. Well, I think I've said quite enough about this show. So let's just let this review end already!
  • Hallmark has taken off Ranger Walker...what is the deal..this was a great show and I looked forward to it everynight...please bring it back to Hallmark..peginken

    Texas Ranger, was a great show, it was well written, and the action seem real..and the good guys always won. On this show, the actor, were good and the story line was easy to follow. And the story were along the lines of what is happening in today's world. I wish that we could get this back on the Hallmark station again..Do you think that we could be seeing Texas Ranger Walker on Hallmark again in the near future. I have all of the CD that they have out, but enjoy seeing it on the TV..I have always looked forward watch it every night.
  • Why did they make this again?

    This show is so horrible i can not stand how people can watch this and still say " them walker texas ranger show need staying." well obviosly i do not appreciate how stupid and closed minded this show is. It has absolutly no perpose it is not about real issues or clever plot line nor a satisfiying theme either! All it is about is "them good hard action woooooooo!" It really has no reason to be on tv. It is far from the real world when it comes to people in this story! I mean I rather see something like predater then this and predater SUCKS! I hate it but not as much as this show
  • When You're in Texas look behind you cause that's where the Ranger's gonna be. Chuck Norris played the iconic Texas Ranger who kicked butt and never broke a sweat doing it.

    I'm pretty sure that this show was loosely based on the movie Lone Wolf McCade, a b-movie that Norris was in as a kick butt Texas lawman who takes the law in his own hands to take down a gun running/drug cartel. It was a hokey movie, and a bit of surprise that Norris would go to the small screen to play a role similar, but the show carried strong ratings and Norris and Clarence Gilyard Jr, played well off of one another. The show got a bit preachy in its later years, but it still was able to go off on its own terms. You can catch the reruns pretty steady on either Hallmark or USA
  • We need this back, and Sons of Thunder as well! Great family show with qualities that are seriously lacking in todays shows!!!

    Loved the positive messages in all of the episodes, miss CD's humorous input, and Trivette's character played well against Chuck Norris Walker character. I would love to see Chuck Norris and Clarence Gilyard do more work together!!!
    Gilayrds deadpan seriousness played well against Norris' lighthearted approach.
    Chuck Norris always seemed to address problems common in our society, and even today the episodes are still relevant. He took on serious and controversial issues and addressed them with knowledge and common sense without judging or seeming to "get on a soapbox". The episodes truly made people stop and think about issues. Many of these issues are still relevant today.
  • The show is the best with Alex,Walker,Trivette,and C.D. Everyone of them are my favorites especially Alex and Walker .Trivette and C.d are the funniest in the show everyone of them all rule!I love Walker,Texas Ranger!

    They should bring Walker,Texas Ranger back because the last episode didn't really finish the show for me and what's the use of watching you favorite show that you know won't have any new episodes I am going to miss watching new episodes of Walker,Texas Ranger.One thing I didn't like about the ending of Walker was that Alex and Walker weren't married for that long.They were dating way longer than they were married.It was like a season after they got married the series is all over and you know there isn't going to be any more new episodes with them forever.
  • I always enjoy watching this show! Even thought that you knew Walker would win it was always so exciting to watch.... Everytime I came across the channel, and this was on, I always had to leave it on!

    I always enjoy watching this show! Even thought that you knew Walker would win it was always so exciting to watch.... Everytime I came across the channel, and this was on, I always had to leave it on! You know when sometimes you change the channel when there is a commercial on? Well I can never do that on Walker Texas Ranger..... Can you imagine having an action filled life like that and always having to watch your back because you always have people after you since you turned them in. But Cordell Walker just doesn't even care. He always means business! LOL! Especially on the episode where Alex got shot at the wedding, I never thought she was going to make it... but she did, and Walker was determined to find Storm (the guy who shot Alex) Storm was so close to her spine that it could have killed her. Walker was going to ask Alex to marry him after the wedding, but h never had a chance to, so he asked her at the hospital as soon as Alex came around, and she said yes! I love this show, and I just have one big question...... Why did they stop making the shows? They were always so good..... I don't think there was ever a boring one! So in that case I give it a perfect score of a 10!
  • Action-packed adventure series

    While Walker, Texas Ranger will never go down in the record books as one of the major television programs of our time, it will always hold some good memories for me because it was a show my Dad and I always enjoyed watching together in the months before he died. My father and I were always amused by the staged openings where Chuck Norris was able to show off his martial arts abilities and while the storylines were often over the top, there was a message behind every episode to teach us a lesson about life and love. Great entertainment.
  • ok

    This show is OK. I think it's good. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • Okay this show needs to come back because not one of these cop shows are that good as Walker Texas Ranger any more. Even Law and Order and CSI suck to Walker.

    This show is an all time classic to me it's been a success for 9 seasons and the show did great. Not too many shows have more than that. Walker Texas Ranger did great fore it's action. They were physical to their bad guys. Not just pull out a gun and stop the bad guy. This show just got better every season. There was always something new going on in the season that kept viewers coming back for more each week. Alex and Walkers Wedding in Season 8/ Sydney and Gages appearence/ Then the birth of Walker and Alex's daughter in Season 9. I will admit the first three seasons were a little to Western movie like John Wayne for me. I don't like them. In season 4 there is a better season.
  • Not a really nice choise to waste your time.

    I'd never thought that I would be caught saying this: But I think "Dog the Bounty Hunter" is more entertaining than this 90's era cop drama. Walker is very melodramatic and actually set a standard of the genre of "High Octane" cop shows such as CSI, CSI: Miami, and so forth. I'm not saying all these shows are bad, but they aren't good either. I like the karate chop action that Walker dispenses on the enemies of justice, and the diverse cast of characters as much as the science tech of the CSI series. But there are some elements that I hate in a show like this. Stereotypes/Countertypes! That's right, Stereotypes/Countertypes! Unfortunately, this is a show for the moderates of Red State America who refuse to part with the old prejudices of yore especially when it comes to crime. For example, there was an episode in which a kid with psychic powers ventures into Dallas where he encounters group of kids in Goth/Punk clothing and they start harassing him. Now! This is exactly what Middle America perceives the Goth/Punk culture. I mean come on, how often do people that dress like that rob and steal from people just minding there own business. Whenever there are Blacks and Latinos in the plot it's always about gangs in some impoverished neighborhood. Okay! Not everyone who's a minority is a desperate recruit of a gang surrounded by crime, drugs, poverty. Again, this is what Middle Red State America sees of these people. Finally, Why is the Trivette the bumbling sidekick, can't you make the sidekick an equal ass-kicker?
  • Walker Texas Ranger: Review

    Having recently been laid up for the past two months with a serious knee injury I've had an opportunity to rediscover one of America's favorite past times: watching television. Through this experience I stumbled onto a show I've barely heard of before let alone watched; Walker, Texas Ranger. The following are my various observations on this modern day old fashioned the-good-guys-always-win-in-the-end crime drama. First off, I hear in Texas they do everything in a BIG way and so in typical Texas style they air this hourly show two, three and sometimes four hours in a row on umm.. tnt? One of my first impressions is that does Chuck Norris' conservative selfless demeanor betrays a real life egomania? Why? Well not only does he totally immerse himself in the show through acting, producing, fighting etc. he SINGS the theme song. HUh? Were they too cheap to hire Frank Stallone or does he really think he can sing? I'm probably wrong and hope to be so as it would shatter my image of this selfmade hero into little pieces. Ok, other observations; 1/ There must be a lot of Texans doing time for assaulting police officers/rangers. When a police officer approaches me the last thing I'm thinking of is taking a swing at the guy. 2/ Not much violence in this show. Even kids aren't safe. No wonder why they have the death penalty in Texas. 3/ The special effects are spectacular. Beavis must love this show ... FIRE FIRE FIRE! 4/ The fighting sound effects reminds me of the three stooges. Weren't they the first to use it? 5/ Walker the GOOD GUY wears a BLACK HAT. What's up with that? I know "guilty pleasure" is an overused cliche but there's no better way to describe this show. It's predictable and formulaic and yet there's a "feelgood" quality to it knowing that at the last second Chuck will be there to save the damsel in distress. In a troubled "real world" Walker is a satisfying escape vehicle and awakens the nostalgia in me.
  • Despite what others have said about this show, I loved it and was sad to see it go off the air.

    Personally, I absolutely loved this show. The characters had depth to spare, and there wasn't the partner swap going on that we see in other television dramas of today. There was the romance between Walker and Alex, eventually culminating in there marriage, but you didn't see them just hop into bed with one another. This was followed by Trivett's romance and the flirting of Sydney and Gage.

    While the romance was a underlying tone, there was always a "justice will prevail" theme on the show, as well as the
    theme of friendship. I will concede that some of the episodes were a bit far-fetched, I dare you to find me one show on television today of this show's calibur that doesn't have one or two episodes that are out there.
  • Walker is a great show...I love Chuck Norris in the part!

    It is really a very cool show. I love watching it and I think that Chuck Norris is an awesome actor for the part of Ranger Walker.

    I watch the show and, don't get me wrong, I like it, but I do point out parts about the show that are very unrealistic. For instance: Walker and Travette almost always go in alone. Why would they do that? The answer is they wouldn't.

    Walker will always get into hand on hand, er leg, fights. But if he was a real Texas Ranger, he would use his gun. It is backwards, but I still like the show.

    I think that this is a good representation of the Texas Rangers who, just happen to be, the oldest State-wide law enforcement agency in the United States.
  • Texas Ranger Cordell Walker is a Cherokee who uses his spirituality and martial-arts background to balance the scales of justice. A show with very unique writing. Though I don't agree with Norris' conservative political views, he's a great actor.

    American TV doesn't broadcast many martial-arts based programs; those it does broadcast are usually geared towards children (Power Rangers, for instance)

    Walker, Texas Ranger combines the element of martial arts choreography, with the tried-and-true "small-town" feel (like In The Heat of the Night or Hill Street Blues, you'd be hard pressed to find more than one episode where forensics or other modern tools are used) to create a unique and entertaining show that takes many forms;
    one episode will be more of a Drama/Action, another will be more Action/Comedy, while still other episodes are set in a "wild west" setting, where Chuck Norris plays Hayes Cooper, a Texas Ranger from a much earlier era.

    Many episodes tap into elements of science fiction, as well, which was a very gutsy, and admirable move on the part of the show's writers.

    Starring the legitimate martial artist (six-time award-winning) Chuck Norris (who some may recall as playing Jonathan Brandis' daydream hero in the film "Sidekicks") a man whose very presence brings with it a certain energy (demonstrated when he also made an appearance on WW[E] programming as an outside enforcer for a match between The Undertaker & Yokozuna) the appeal of this show is undeniable.

    It doesn't matter whether you're on the "left" politically (as I am) or the "right" (as Norris is) if you like the idea of a modern-day martial arts hero, (superhero, if you will) with a fantastic supporting cast, you'll love this show.
    Clarence Gilyard as the intellectual health nut with a few moves of his own, Trivette, Sheree J. Wilson as the legal counsel and love interest of Walker, and Noble Willingham as "C.D.", former Texas Ranger and friendly bartender.

    As the years went on, the show gained a few more supporting cast members and recurring guest stars, all of whom fit their roles well.

    The show also managed to procure a number of excellent one-time guest stars, Doris Roberts and Randy Savage just to name a few.

    Hallmark and USA still play reruns of this show; and if you haven't seen it already, you should; I've been watching since I was a kid and I always get a kick out of seeing Chuck Norris as the unbeatable, iron-willed, "never-give-up" role model that is Walker, Texas Ranger.
  • i would personally like to advise everybody to watch this show - it will make your life better simply by not having chuck norris beat your ass mercilessly for not watching it. so make your life better and watch it

    episode 322 makes life worth living. he flew a jetpack, and this was in the early 90\\\'s... does anyone understand how awesome he is that he could do something like that. with inflation - this would be equivalent to flying a boat to mars to rescue someone, and we all know no one can do that, but chuck! this is after watching it last night and watching walker jump from a plane, put a parachute on while free falling and then catching up with someone that jumped out of the plane 30 seconds earlier and getting a parachute on and rescuing someone mid-air - then hipnotizing a little girl. mind blowing im telling you
  • Great show but!!

    I really loved this show and didn't miss it once. I was so mad when it went off. I loved the actor. The reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10 toward the end of it to much on the two actors and not enough guessing any more who did it. I miss the show it was great.
  • possibaly the greatest tv show of all time, period.

    Now, if you have seen this show, and hate it, you are dead to me, dont even waste youre breath on me. because this show is the definition of perfection, it makes me laugh so hard, i almost pass out, when walker stops airplanes by shooting a ray gun at it, or lighting a guy on fire then punching him in the face then kicking him out a window and when he hits the ground he explodes. the stuff that happens is so ludicris, that sometimes I cant even comprehend what just happened. walker texas ranger is so silly and campy, that I dont know how anyone can take it seriously, its a comedy really, and most likley the best ine out there..
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