Walker, Texas Ranger

CBS (ended 2001)


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  • Someguy Rudy Ramos

    I worked for the walker family off the 71 freeway at hamptons hotel. I have 2 certifications for Industrial Electrical with GPA 3.00 plus, and I am the only one in 20 years to pass the refegerator, and I was told by Jeff Shipley at 1442 north san antonio in upland CA that no one will ever score higher, but I put the 3 story of lights up all the time constantly because the sheriff are at work from the Donald Trump Show, and I see them disconnecting my lights and ruining my work, but I did nothing wrong. I don't appreciate walkers brother attacking Rudy Ramos with 30 men when I did nothing wrong, so I don't like your family telling Rudy Ramos that can't have the gifts on . that y I can't pay for CA because jokers like you are not suppose to be up here. I don't think walker can take zodiac or kimbo slice or floyd mayweater in the ring. I don't want to hear your brothers crap. Arnold is not zodiac at the la vern theatre your brother ain't going to show up either, and I am suppose to have all the gifts because Rudy Ramos is friends with Jeff not Zodiac, and I don't like your family telling Rudy Ramos anything its not your place becaue walker family don't know the difference of the 2. I am waiting to drive up the street and fight zodiac for a gift but coward keep saying this and that still won't fight zodiac. I don't want to hear your familys jokes cross the street or beat it.