Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 10

Rise to the Occasion

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 1999 on CBS

Episode Recap

Walker is visiting a middle school to check out the Kick Drugs program. Now one of the students is being harassed by a gang. Later as Walker is leaving he sees the boy on the roof of the building, he goes up and tries to talk to him but the boy is just plain fed up with the gang picking on him. Walker tells him that he will help him but he jumps. Walker is despondent and decides to take some time off to see if there's anything he can do to help the school. Trivette, Gage, and Cooke are working on a suspected criminal named Lorenzo Cabral. They decide to go undercover at his Salsa Club with Cooke as a singer. Cabral not only gives her the job but is enamored with her and Gage is concerned. He tells Trivette and Cooke is upset with him for doing so. In the meantime back at the school, Walker suggests that the parents of the students who are troublesome be with them so that they could help keep them in check. He also recommends that they all wear uniforms so that there will be no classification among the stidents. Later the leader of the gang orders one of his boys to smash Walker's truck which he was about to do when two of Walker's Kick Drugs boys stop him. They bring him to Walker and the principal. They tell him that he has two options to go to Juvinille Detention or join the Kick Drugs program but if he chooses the latter he must cut himself off from the gang. At first he refuses but changes when Walker is about to send him to the police. Trivette informs Gage and Cooke that some plutonium was stolen and the person who stole it might go to Cabral to help him get it out of the country. Cooke is with Cabral when two of his men bring someone who cheated him and he is about to kill him in front of Cooke who convinces him not to and breaks his hand instead. Later the boy whom Walker gave a break to is doing well in the program later the gang sees him and asks him why they haven't seen him. When he tells them what he promised Walker they beat him up but the two boys who caught him earlier save him. Later Walker the students and teachers and parents are painting the school when the gang arrives to say that the school is theirs and that this program is over. But the parents stand up to them and they are about to charge when a man whom they know as El Diablo who tells them that he knows about tough guys, his brothers and son who are all dead and that he is now looking out for his grandson. And that they better wise up. Some of the gang then drop the bats that they were carrying and join the group while the rest drive off. Walker feels that they accomplished something here even though the gang is still out there. Later they arrest Cabral who tries to hit Cooke but doesn't and is taken in. Later the Kick Drugs students perform before an audience.