Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 21

Showdown at Casa Diablo (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2000 on CBS

Episode Recap

Walker has just seized another drug shipment of the Ortegas. And it's all because of Lucia the Federale who has managed to infiltrate the Ortegas organization. Walker is concerned that they have taken down so many of their shipments, tell Trivette to tell Lucia that she should ease up. But when he calls her, she tells him that she's ok. The Ortegas especailly Ramon is so upset at Walker and he wants to go after him. But Cruz tells him that they will when it is time. Alex is visiting Nicole Foley, a former D.A. at her ranch and meets her husband Jake. They tell her that they have been having trouble with drug couriers who cross their ranch from Mexico to get into the country. In Mexico, the Ortegas find Lucia's phone and confront her and see that her last call was to Rangers HQ. Walker and the others grab another shipment and the leader gets a call from Cruz who asks to speak to Walker and kills Lucia. Ramon is still upset that Walker is costing them so much but Cruz tells him that as long as theri shipments through the Foley Ranch continue they will be ok. Jake goes riding and comes across the couriers and detains them. He asks the leader to put down the gun he has. His foreman Travis comes and Jake tells him to get the gun which he does, he then turns and shoots Jake. When Jake's body is found Alexc asks Walker to come. He arrvies and the Sheriff deduces that the couriers shot Jake but Walker notices footprints which clearly shows someone walked in from behind Jake and turned and shot him. When the Ortegas learn of what happened they decide to make an offer on the ranch. But Nicole tells her hands that she has decides not to sell and introduce three new hands, Walker, Trivette, and Gage. Travis has them doing every menial task there is. Later when all the hands are playing poker, Walker has Alex get into Travis' room and see what she can find. She finds that there's another shipment coming in tomorrow. When Travis meets the couriers Walker is there and arrests them. He then has Travis call the Ortegas and tells them that Nicole is ready to sell and also tells them that she wants to finalize it immediately. So Ramon arrives but Walker arrests him. When Cruz learns of this, he decides it's time for Walker to pay. He has someone in the govenrment who is on his payroll invite Alex to come to Mexico to attend a Drug Enforcement Conference. Alex goes to Mexico accompanied by Cooke and D.A. Moody. Their motorcade is attacked and they are captured.