Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 3 Episode 24

Standoff (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 13, 1995 on CBS

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  • Broushard the best villain.

    Love this episode and the jet pack but the real star of the episode is Robin Sachs who portrayed Broushard and I believe he is the best villain of this show no exaggerration just watch and I'm sure you will agree.
  • holy crap!!!!!! amazing simply amazing! jetpack - all that needs to be said

    ahhhhhh wow this is mind blowing on so many levels. this episode is the pinnacle of walker texas rangers humor!!! it is nothing short of unbelievable that in 1995, a man could fly a jet pack! but wait! there is some sort of super man that is a texas ranger that can of course fly a jet pack without any prior knowledge! who would doubt this? the answer is of course nobody, and if by some odd chance someone had the thought go through their mind than surely chuck norris would simply roundhouse that thought right out of your head, and youll surely die!