Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 7 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 1998 on CBS

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  • Alex survives another kidnapping

    Actually in this episode,it is not just Alex that survives a kidnapping.Two other women who had been abducted somehow survive.By this episodes end,they would be reunited with their Families.I like this episode for mainly one reason...to watch Walker kick the crap out of the head Trammel Brother.I had also hoped that he would kick the ugly off his face as well.In all honesty,this is the first time that I enjoy Walker giving a badguy a just beating.In the previous episodes I did'nt feel anything in Walker's fights with badguys.As I begin to watch these episodes more,and more,plus the repeat episodes,I begin to understand how truly evil these badguys are,and why Walker,and friends take on the baddies.This episode shows how The Trammel Brothers are thoroughly despicable.Like Victor LaRue before them they try to have their way with Alex,without her consent.Really bad move.Death would have been TOO GOOD for them.Prison is just right.
  • Alex needs rescuing again…

    Alex and the boys (Walker, Trivette, Carlos and Trent) decided to go camping in Park City, Utah. While in town some backwoods men decide that they like Alex and kidnap her. As usual the boys come to the rescue. Poor Alex – I have no idea how she puts up with all the danger in her life. It seems like once a month she gets kidnapped and is almost rapped or almost killed. Yes Walker always comes to her rescue but still I din;t think that any job or any man is worth everything that she goes through. This does have a great WAMMER moment though when Walker gets that look when he realizes that Alex is gone.
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