Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 7

Suspicious Minds

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 1999 on CBS

Episode Recap

Walker is meeting with the undercover operative he has in the organization of Sonny Tantero. He tells him about Tantero's drug smuggling operation, which they bust. Tantero suspects that someone close to him is an informant. Helen, a friend of Alex is in town with her husband and daughter, Melissa, for an Elvis lookalike contest which her husband is taking part in. Alex takes them on a tour of the town. Walker meets with his man whom he wants to come in cause Sonny in suspicious. But he tells Walker that Tantero is going to meet with some Colombians in a few days and wants to stay in till they can get enough info on it. He tells him of another deal Sonny has going, They bust it but they discover that the men they arrested have nothing to do with Tantero. Walker deduces that Tantero is trying to ferret out the leak. He tries to find his man but doesn't. Later Alex and Helen's family are still touring when Melissa walks off. Later she comes across, Walker's man meeting with Sonny's man Rico Castillo, who shoots him. Castillo tries to catch her but manages to make it back to her father, so they run away. Castillo thinks that she was retarded so he tells Sonny that he shouldn't worry. Melissa later identifies Castillo and Walker goes to arrest him when they arrive at Tantero's he instructs Castillo to run but Walker catches him. Later, Alex offers him aq deal if he testifies against Tantero but he knows it's a death sentence if he does. The lawyer tells him that the whole case depends on the girl, so they just have to eliminate the problem. Walker knowing that the Columbians are coming instructs Trivette to check on all air traffic from Colombia. Later some of Tantero's men try to kill Melissa but Gage and Cooke save her and take out the men. Tantero then decides to hire hitmen who dress like Elvis. Gage assures Helen and her family that they'll be alright at the competition. The hitmen try to make their move but Gage and Cooke who are dressed like Elvis and Priscilla take them out. Walker later learning that the Colombians have arrived and are taken to a gentlemen's club by Tantero are arrested. Helen later back at C.D.'s are celebrating her husband's victory.