Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 5

Tall Cotton

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 1999 on CBS

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  • Nerve-wracking because Alex and Walker can never get a break!!

    Being a WAMMER I was like – yeah – Alex and Walker are going camping – just the two of them – alone. But the trip was like the story of their lives. Every time they went to kiss they just got interrupted. Very typical Alex and Walker. The Boy Scout troop that bothers them is there for two days of their three day trip. When they leave Alex makes the comment that the next time they need to go to some place more private, like New York. In the meantime Gage’s sister goes missing and Gage and Syd go undercover at her old job to find out what happened. Turns out she was a freelance reporter working part time at a bar that had ties in organized crime. When they found out she was snooping the kidnapped her until they could get the evidence she had. Trivette shows up to help and saves her. All is well.

    Oh yeah…and Walker jumps from a moving helicopter to a moving plane.

    WAMMER: Many attempts to kiss, but all of them interrupted…Boo hoo!!
  • In Tall Cotten, Gage searches for his reporter sister with Sydney while Walker and Alex try to go on a three day vacation.

    Gage finds out that his reporter sister is doing a report on a prostitute ring and figures there is a probability that she has been kidnapped. Just when he and Sydney figure out where she probably is, the kidnappers attack them. But since Gage had just called Trevett for backup, the bad guys don\'t stand a chance. Then Gage goes to find his sister. While this is going on, Walker and Alex try to have a peaceful vacation, but are interrupted by the Bisons (something like Cub Scouts) and their substitute leader. Walker is even able to charm a rattlesnake away from them.
    Trevett calls Walker for backup as they stake out the pimp\'s place. He even sends out a helicopter. Just as you think the pimp will get away in his airplane, Walker miraculously jumps from the helicopter onto the plane\'s main wing. He forces the bad guy to stop the plane. And as usual, Walker, Texas Ranger has a happy ending.
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