Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 4

The Avenging Angel

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2000 on CBS

Episode Recap

Walker and Trivette are driving around and are talking about C.D. whom they miss. It is then that they hear on the radio of a robbery in progress, Walker and Trivette arrive in time to apprehend them. It is after they are done that Trivette remembers he's going to a wrestling match wherein a friend of his Matt Escobar who goes by the guise THE AVENGING ANGEL will be a part of. Matt, his wife, and the promoter, Eddie Ryan are checking the harness that will carry Matt into ring and it seems ok. In Eddie's office, a former wrestler named Cutter is waiting for him, He says he works for Frank Scanlon who wants to buy Ryan's wrestling operation. But Ryan knows Scanlon and how he does business, he tells Cutter to leave but insists that Ryan must sell, it is then that Matt enters and throws Cutter out. Walker and Trivette arrive and Trivette gets reacquainted with Matt and recognizes Ryan as a former wrestler. He then gives them the tickets. Later Cutter reports to Scanlon who tells him that he has a deal pending that depends on him getting Ryan's operation. So he tells him he knows what he has to do. Later that evening they introduce Alex to Eddie and they meet his granddaughter, Amy. Matt's match in about to begin and the Matt is being brought into the ring when something happens and Matt crashes onto the ring. Later Eddie blames himself but Walker who just inspected the harness discovers that it was tampered which means Matt was murdered. That's when Amy tells Eddie to tell him about Cutter and Scanlon. Walker and Trivette go to Scanlon's office and talk to him. And he manages not to say anything incriminating,they leave. He later talks to Cutter about them coming to see him. Walker then decides to sends Gage and Cooke them to the arena undercover as wrestlers. Eddie introduces them and one of his wrestlers Flash shows them some moves. Walker and Trivette go back to Scanlon's office and talk to Cutter who tells he is just trying to do his job and he has done nothing illegal. Later that evening Flash was about to leave when some men jump him. he manages to fend them off until someone clubs him from behind. Gage and Cooke arrive and stop them from doing anymore damage. They take Flash to the hospital. At the hospital, Eddie wonders if he should have sold out and maybe none of this would have happened. Cooke then tells him that Scanlon eventually would have forced him out. The men who attacked Flash say that they were hired by a man named Harley. Walker and Trivette pick him up. He denies everything they accuse him of. That is until Walker says that it was his blood that was found on Matt's harness equiptment which means he'll be charged with murder. He stays quiet. Sensing what extremems Scanlon is resorting to, Walker tries to keep everyone close to Eddie safe. But Gage learns that Amy is at the hospital visiting Flash, he and Cooke try to get there as soon as they can. But Cutter is there and trying to grab Amy but manages to ward them off long enough for Gage and Cooke to get there and arrest them. Later Trivette shows Cutter that they have Harley and while interrogating him Walker tells him that Harley impicated him as being involved with what happened to Matt but Cutter is not shaken. Walker then tells him that the men who helped him to try and kidnap Amy have implicated him and he will be charged with kidnapping. Cutter asks them what do they want and when they tell him Scanlon, he tells them no way. They then talk to Alex about what they can do. It is then that C.D. calls Trivette and tells them that he will stay where he is for a little while longer. Trivette says he sounds funny. Later Walker wonders if the people whom Scanlon strng armed into selliong him their businesses might talk. So he has Alex bring them over. When none of them want to talk, Walker brings in Eddie and Matt's widow to tell them what they went through. They then agree to apeak against Scanlon. Walker and the others go to arrest Scanlon but Scanlon has learned what happened and tries to escape but Walker arrives just as he was leaving and arrests him. Later they are rejoicing with their victory when Walker gets a call from C.D.'s friend who tells him C.D. passed away. Later they all attend his funeral and later go to C.D.'s bar and say good bye to their friend.