Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 4

The Avenging Angel

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2000 on CBS

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  • A Bittersweet Episode.

    Walker,and Company are again taking on some really BAD PEOPLE.In this they are out to nail an extortionist who has been trying to mustle his way into legitamit businesses by using threats,and intimdations to force Honest Business owners into making partners with Crime Boss Frank Scanlon.Needless to say Walker,and Company takes scanlon,and minions down.This would be a joyful victory if Walker had not received sad news about CD'S Death.RIP Ranger Parker.
  • *tear*

    So I really hated this episode…I mean CD hadn’t been around for a while, but I hated that they had to have his character die. Why couldn’t they just have him move away or something. It’s like there is so much good and happiness in the show, not that long ago Alex and Walker got married and then this happens. I mean good/innocent people die in the show all the time, but not a main character like CD…very sad episode. There was some teasing from Jimmy at the start and Alex pouting that she missed him…they never got to say goodbye.
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