Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 2 Episode 17

The Committee

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 1994 on CBS

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  • The Committee

    This episode is one of three that I have seen on Walker Texas Ranger,that has a Vigilante Theme.In this episode,a group of higher ups in Law-Enforcement are executing criminals who gotten off on technicalities.This episode in some ways remind me of the Movie 'The Star Chamber".In this Movie,the higher ups decided to clean-up society like in the Walker episode.The Main difference in the Movie is that the highers ups are nine judges.In Walker Texas Ranger,the vigilantes includes one judge,a public-defender,and several uniform,and plain clothes officers.In both the Movie,and Television episode,the protaganists have to stop the vigilantes.

  • taking the law into their own hands...twice...

    So randomly this was the first Walker that I ever saw. It was on one day and I watched it, but it wasn’t enough to hook me. It was a while later that I was watching TV and there was a Walker with more WAM and that was what hooked me. Walker turns into a bad ranger to get onto a committee that is executing those who are getting away from the law…those who didn’t serve enough time or who got off. This committee is made by cops, lawyers, etc who feel that they are doing the right thing by removing these bad guys. It is run by the chairman over the phone. Walker gets invited to the group and after the first meeting everyone wants to bust in and break it up, but Walker tells them that they need to find out who is on the phone. One more meeting and the trace the number, turns out that it is a computer with prerecorded answers being run by someone in the meeting. And the committee’s next target is a member of the group they no longer trust. Walker goes to save the woman who is the target and arrests her killer. At the next meeting Walker and Trivette bust the ring and they are all found guilty.
  • Walker plans for his dismissal from the Texas Rangers only to link into Local Government corruption, and end it.

    Casting was excellent. Corruption does exsit, sad but true.
    There is no credit for the actress who played "Lisa", (if I
    have the name right), the Committee member who confided
    in Walker, and was targeted for death by co-members.
    Walker made things look acceptable to Committee Scouts by being harsh to Alex over the phone, knowing his phone lines were bugged, and roughing it up with his ex partner, Jimmy Trivette, in and outside of a diner.
    Working with Trivette all along, Walker did his part while
    Trivette did some phone bugging of his own, finding the link between the hidden Committe boss, and the Committe meeting location.
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