Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 24

The Final Show/Down (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 19, 2001 on CBS

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  • A great Series Finale!

    I love watching Texas Ranger. Its a really great series. I was hoping there would be more after the birth of there daughter. It was awesome that Walker saw the future life of Angela. its hust too bad that we won't be able to see it. Overall, this is my most favorite episode because of the situation with Walker and Alex as well as with Hayes Cooper and what happened in the past. As a series finale, I think it was a great ending to a great series and I am going to miss watching more of it. I really wish I could see Angela grow up, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.
  • If you don´t like this episode , you don´t like Walker, Texas Ranger.

    Episode full of action and excitement. It shows a story of Hayes Cooper at the same time. Maniac is in town who wants to take Cooper down. They have a gunfight .
    Like Walker , Coop is a married man now .

    Rangers are making preparations for the birth of Walkers daughter ,

    One of the gang memeber has a ´little fun ´with a prostitute . And now cops follow him to the location where the gang is hiding .
    Gang is tough . Walker goes to mortal combat with a gang leader . Walker gets a little beaten up . Guy is pretty tough opponent . They fall outta the window and they roll to the car . Walker shows him an Ok sigh and gets the hell outta there ...

    I love this series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wanna watch Walker again and again and again ..
  • I love this episode. I wish there could could a reunion soon. I think it reuion start near were it was left off in the final episode and continue at that point when the Walker's home their daughter it was kinda like a Cliff hanger if they have a reunion.

    I think the reunion should be that of Trivette\'s wedding because the answer was yes at the picnic at benning of final episode. Remember the line that Trivette said this time Gonna take it slow to Walker and Gage and they came to them and said they were getting married.
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