Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 7 Episode 14

The Principal

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 1999 on CBS

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  • Walker goes undercover as a principal to stop a high school drug ring.

    Classic Walker – starts with a Walker workout montage. More kids with drug problems. This time a teacher is using students to distribute drugs through out the school. When Walker finds the head of security is involved and this friend the principle is killed he and Trivette head undercover. We have seen Walker as a teacher before now he gets to be principal. His tough as nails philosophy actually gets to the students and changes lives in the short period of time that he was there.

    The ‘Power Team’ that Walker brought in to do anti-drug talks at the high school was a bit on the cheesy side but for the show it seemed to make a difference.

    Nothing exciting for us WAMMERs. Except for a cute little message Alex left for Walker at the start of the show she wasn’t even in the episode.
  • Walker and Trevett go undercover at a Texas school to discover who is dealing drugs.

    Walker and Trevett get special permission from the Governor (Governor Bush perhaps?) to go undercover at a Texas school after the principal is killed while discovering the drug ring. Walker plays the part of Principal Miller, and Trevett as his assistant. The school counselor gives Walker some good leads while a young boy struggles whether to tell his new principal what is really going on.It turns out that the head of the boy's help group is the one dealing drugs and he is also the one that killed the principal. Walker then calls in the Power Team, a group of anti drug, anti violence guys to try and inspire the kids. This head of the boys group trys to throw Walker off his tail by acting real chummy with him. Walker doesn't buy it, and finally the boy gets up enough courage to tell Walker everything. The bad guys are (as usual) get a good whoopin' from Walker and Trevett.
    This show is one of my all time favorites.