Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 6 Episode 25

The Wedding (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 16, 1998 on CBS

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  • Total cliffhanger...will Alex live??

    So the wedding that is supposed to be taking place is between Kim, a Dallas cop, and Phil, another ADA in the Dallas area. Does the pairing sound familiar?? Throughout the entire episode both Kim and Phil separately talk to Alex and Walker about their relationship and if it is hard the way it is. Both Walker and Alex admitted that it isn’t easy but it is wonderful. And there are these GREAT looks between Alex and Walker through the whole episode especially at the wedding when they are both dressed up and looking perfect. Right before the wedding starts Walker comes up to Alex and tells her that after the wedding there is something that he wants to ask her. She pushes and he says after the wedding. Well, there is a bad guy, Storm, who hates the entire wedding party and plans on killing them all at the wedding and Alex is his personally to kill. They all attack (except Storm who hides) but Walker and Trivette and Kim fight them down. All is well and Alex walks to Walker asking him what he was going to ask her when a shot rings out. Alex falls into Walker and he realizes that he has blood on his hands from her. Alex is lifeless and the season ends. OH MY GOD!! (what Walker says when he realizes.)
  • Karl Storm: They are not people , they are lice

    Karl Storm is back and better than ever. He wants revenge on his 3 major targets - officer Kim Rivers ,judge Phil Holland and Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill .
    Karl Storm ain´t no small-time criminal , he is a mafia boss who has it´s own crew working for him. Kim and Phil are about to marry and everybody is excited .
    Phil wants kim to quit the job in P.D. Kim definetly knows how to fight as she kicks butt in multiple scenes.
    Trivete is busy working with a wedding host.
    It´s a big wedding day now and everybody is happy and stuff.
    But Walker , Trivette and CD aren´t the only wedding guests..

    Storm´s crew is ready to rumble and they make a joyful wedding into the living nightmare as the young couple gets murdered and Alex shot from Karl´s sniper..
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