Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 7

Turning Point

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2000 on CBS

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  • Turning Point

    So,we finally learn about the Chairmans past.He was a Numbers runner for Crime Syndicate.He was approached by a Justice Department Agent was persuaded to testify against his employers,and was promised immunity(protection against indictment).He dos the former,but did not receive the latter.Instead he receives 10-years in prison.To say that he was ANGRY,would be an understatement.When he was released from prison,he intended to reap a terrible vengeance against the forces of Law & Order Nationwide.Well,as we have seen in parts 1& 2,he got off to vicious start.However,as we also seen,he is challenged by Walker,and his Task Force.This storyline is probably Walkers most challenging assignment.
  • check...

    So I really like it when Syd gets to kick some butt. I know this is a random statement as her and Gage have been on the show for over a season now. But I like the fact that she is a pretty woman who is smart and gets to kick butt. Usually it is only one of those that woman get a chance to play. Too bad that she wasn’t on the show to have her character developed more. Like maybe a love interest. And I don’t mean Gage, even though there was some serious flirting between them through out the two seasons. The only thing that sometimes gets to me about her is what she did with her hair sometimes. Oh well, guess a character can’t be perfect.