Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 10 Episode 25

Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire (TV Movie)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on CBS

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  • Walker is the BEST

    Of course Alex didn't die! Remember the episode where Angela was born and was ill and Walker saw the angel and saw Angela as she grew up with BOTH parents and he knew she was going to be okay?.Besides, Walker would not be Walker without the Mr. and Mrs.
  • Alex, Trivette Gage & Walker, great to have them back: However where is Sid?

    Not enough Advertising, caught on TV just as it started: Feeling I had, yeah great timing on my part: NEXT TIME Advertise that Walker is Back?
    Story was okay. Could of had more Trivette. What happened to Sid? Alex -Shot at end, are you kidding me? Walker Texas Ranger is not Walker without Alex, otherwise why watch? We love Walker, and Alex: Chuck you daughter is adorable. Liked the daughter, Alex & Walker family at home -could of had more? Gee hint hint, Do Not Kill Off Alex. Thanks for bringing Walker back. More Alex & Walker: Sid too w/Gage.
  • Chuck Norris, the wonderful Chuck Norris reprises his role of Cordell Walker in this tv movie produced by himself, CBS tv and Paramount in 2005. Starring in: Chuck Norris, Sheree J.Wilson (as Alex), Judson Mills (as Gage) and other new characters..

    Wonderful film, wonderful actors, wonderful fights, wonderful character for a movie which had low ratings. The question's: "WHY"?
    I suppose that the missing of Clarence Gilyard who played James Trivette from 1993 to 2001 (187 episodes of 204)hasn't been approved by the fans who loved him.
    Other things I hate of this movie are the changements.For example: Walker before lived in a beautiful ranch, now he lives in a normal home.
    Chuck Norris built up a wonderful character very different from others and after its success he decided to change...........why?
    I think he wanted it to make a fresh film, but he has mistaken.
    I advice you to watch it...or Chuck Norris'll kill you with my help.
  • Walker, Texas Ranger A Show about a martial arts Texas Ranger who fights criminals and helps the public out in Dallas Texas.

    I started watching Walker, Texas Ranger about a year ago and I really like the show. I would record it on my Direct TVR and watch it every night when I got home from work. I have seen and liked pretty much all the episodes but when I saw Trial by Fire the other night I was disappointed in it. I felt the same way when I saw the last episode to The Sopranos. However I believe that there are exceptions to leave a show hanging but not when a main character of the show keeps you wondering if he or she will die. It really makes me loose interest of the show because it makes me wonder what will happen next to the main character so I probably will not watch that episode again and just stick to the last episode in season 9. Now I had no problem of Sid and some of the characters from before being gone. People leave and go all the time. It makes the show more realistic. But that ending I believe could of done better. That is all I have to say about the show I saw on Thursday Night after I watched it from my Direct TVR.
    Sincerely Matt
  • What happened to Alex at the end after she was shot? And where was sydney cook aka Nia Peeples in the show?

    It was a great movie to watch, but they needed another 30 min. to tell if Alex died or lived at the end. Their could have been alot more action in the movie like during the series. Why wasn't Nia Peeples in the movie did they not offer her enough cash to play sydney cook. When will Trivette come back and be Walker's partner again because it wasn't much of a movie with out Clerence Gilyard in the movie because he is the best at figuring out computers unlike Walker who checks it out without using a computer. Is their going to be another Walker, Texas Ranger movie in the near future on CBS.
  • doesn´t seem ´Walkerly ´

    They gave it a whole new look .
    Original theme song wasn´t featured.
    Walker has a new pickup .
    I noticed that Chuck is gettin a little old . His voice sounds different than it did in the series . But he still can beat up people though.
    Anyways i noticed that nobody wore cowboy hats wich lost that good old western feel . That´s why i gave it 9.9/10 .
    Anyhow stuff was well written cause Aaron Norris knows what he´s doing.
    Some guy at IMDB said in his comment that the Koreans fight was unreal . Well it wasn´t . It can all be done in real fights . The style they used in Trial By Fire is called hwa rang do , which is one of the latest korean martial arts style , it has something to do with taekwon-do .
    I think that there´s gonna be sequel to Trial By Fire cause a little bullet could not kill.
  • Outstanding, wow

    Outstanding show, leaves me wanting more. Great story, action, and exciting but sad ending. The plot was full of suspense and intrige. Can\'t wait for this to come out on DVD so I can purchase it. Fast paced, only wish there was more. Was great to see all our favorites again, felt like they were back home where they belonged again. Hope to see more installments soon. Hope they bring back even more of our favorite characters in future episodes. The story was well written, and the acting was great. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
  • Walker Texas Ranger Trial by Fire aired on October 16 2005. It brought back our old favorites and added a few new characters and really interesting all the way up to the final bang.

    On the 16th of this month it will be three months since Walker Texas Ranger Trial by Fire aired on CBS. Three months later I'm still shocked that Alex was shot. But I'll get to that in a minute. First great storyline, I truly enjoyed the whole thing. Next I loved seeing Angela since the last time we saw her she was a baby. It was great to see the whole Walker family together even if there weren't any great WAMs (Walker Alex Moments) in it. And it was great to see Walker kicking bad guy butt once again. I missed that in the four years it took to get another Walker episode/movie. But when the movie was all done I found myself trying to hold back tears. My favorite character, Alex, was shot at the very end of the movie and that's how they left it! I've never had a more horrible in night in my life. It was bad enough there was a delay because of the game but to add Alex getting shot was just too much for one girl to take. I went to bed that night on the edge of tears almost cried myself to bed. All because Alex was shot! I know that wasn't the only thing that happened in the movie, but I was so shocked. Only back to the movie. Sorry I got a little off track. It seems that Walker and Alex have moved into a new house and left the ranch behind. Their new house is nice and all but I miss the ranch. While I'm talking about Walker and Alex their daughter, Angela, was 4 in the movie and was so cute. Okay anyway there's this ranger, Rhett, who is getting charge with killing a bunch of people ect. ect. ect. Alex has to work on the case and it doesn't seem like she believes Rhett did anything but she has to do her job. Oh yeah, Sydney wasn't in the movie and Trivette was doing some training thing where he helped train people or something along those lines. Gage is still working for the rangers and kept calling Walker sir (for the record this bothered me). He never did this during the show (for the record). Kay is also working for the rangers and brings a CSI side to the rangers. She works to prove Rhett innocent during most of the movie. And in the end Rhett is proven innocent and a guy who was working for Alex (I forgot his name) was the one who had killed the people. So that was it. Until they shot Alex. And like I said that part was like the most horrible for me to watch.
  • does anyone have a copy they can burn for me. i'll pay for shipping. if so, email me at atp3183@yahoo.com. thanx

    from what i saw Walker trial by fire was good. the only thing is i got cut off at the part where the girl ranger went back to the house of second victim. that\'s all i got to see. would like to see the rest.if anyone has a copy please email me.
  • Well worth the wait. Best two hours of TV i've seen since WTR went off the air!

    This movie was so great. With only a couple strikes against it, (i.e. starting late, diminished fighting ability, little Trivette) I enjoyed it greatly. Chuck Norris still steals the show, even after 4 years. The drama was all there, along with old and new characters. Ome of the biggest disappointments was the fact that Clarence Gilyard had just a short appearance. Judson Mills reprised his role as Gage and I really enjoyed seeing him beat the tar out of the bad guys! Fantastic acting, characters and drama. Can't wait for the next one!
  • This project was in the waiting for three years.

    When Waker Texas Ranger signed off the air, it was always the intension of Chuck Norris and CBS to bring back the Charcahter.Walker was a tremendous ratings booster for CBS, and they did not want to see the charchter leave.Chuck Norris decided to end the series in 2001.

    The movie \"Trial by fire\" was not bad, considering that the entire project was produced by the Norris Bros.It was worth watching.
    Clarence Gilyard(who played long-time Walker partner James Trivete) makes only a cameo apperance in the movie.Gilyard, who is a devout Catholic, refused to cancel a family vacation to the Vatican in Rome, so he could not partcipate in the filming of the movie.He will appear in the next walker \"Movie of the Week.production on the movie should begin sometime next year, and premire next fall.
  • 9.9
    It was fantastic the gang brought the movie to T.V. The plot was great and kept me on the edge of my seat. My heart broke when Alex was shot and collapsed at the courthouse. Please don't let Walker start out as a single parent/widower. LET ALEX LIVE!!!
  • Never saw it coming.

    I loved seeing Walker back again. I really enjoyed the show through out its run and was glad that a movie was made. I thought they did a good job of bringing in the forensics and yet did not lose the heart and soul of the show.

    I really missed Trivette. His relationship with Walker was a main focal point of the show. One of my favorite characters is/was Trent Malloy.

    Chuck Norris's daughter is adorable and it was nice to see Alex and Walker as a happy family.

    They need to make a new movie/series and save Alex.
  • Well written episode but extreme disappointment in how it ended.

    While I love Walker, Texas Ranger and believe Trial By Fire was very well-written, I was extremely disappointed (and somewhat angered) by how it was aired. To me, if you are going to have a movie, you either air the entire movie at one time or on consecutive nights. You do not air half of it and then leave the audience to wonder when the second half will be aired. Especially when they ended it the way they did. Simply saying \"to be continued\" isn\'t enough.
  • Great movie overall. Was much like the series. New characters, not enough Jimmy Trivette, Loved Janine Turner. I was SO shocked by the ending. I do hope that you don't intend to leave it that way. Bring back the series, Chuck.

    I am a huge Walker, Texas Ranger fan, and boy was I pleased to see a movie. Walker is now a Texas Ranger Captain.

    The movie was very like the regular episodes. It had an exciting opening: A bank robbery where an off duty ranger saves the day, killing the lead bad guy\'s son in the process. You come to find out he is a ranger a couple of scenes later in a bar. He is, of course, your typical macho, good looking guy that doesn\'t feel a female ranger can really be good backing him up.

    The female ranger in question is none other than Janine Turner from Northern Exposure. Not only is she is a ranger, but a top criminalist, too.

    Of course, there has to be some revenge by the head bank robber, and that seems to be exactly what happens when (sorry ladies, couldn\'t find his name anywhere)the handsome ranger is arrested for murdering a woman that he was seen leaving the bar with.

    We see Alex and Walker at home with their beautiful daughter. Walker makes an excellent Dad. They have a beautiful home and they seem to balance their two careers quite well.

    Alex, being a prosecuting attorney for the county, is the one to bring charges against the ranger. She isn\'t sure that he did it, but has to press hard for the sake of not looking like she is biased in favor of the Rangers. She has another eager D.A. help her with the case so no one can say at a late time that she shouldn\'t have been on the case because of her connection to the Rangers.

    Every time it looks like they have a new lead, and are getting closer to the truth, they get cut off at the pass, as it were. Some one always seems to be one step ahead of them.

    The directors have kept up with the times by adding a lot of Criminalist/lab scenes in.

    At the end, we find out that it wasn\'t the head bank robber bad guy behind it after all, but the D.A. that was assisting Alex. He was getting revenge for the death of his sister.

    The one and only thing I really hated about this movie was the last 2 minutes. The bank robber bad guy shows up in the court house, aiming a gun at the newly released ranger and manages to hit Alex. The last scene is of Alex looking down to see she has been shot in the chest, falls to the floor, and that is where they leave it. It looks like she is dead.

    I was in so much shock I couldn\'t say anything except, \"They SHOT Alex?\" in a loud voice that woke my husband up. (he fell asleep while we were watching)

    The end of the movie is the only reason I gave it such a low rating. I loved the movie other than that. Chuck, bring the series back, and save Alex. She is part of why we watch the show, too. We need more strong female role models!

    Returning with Chuck Norris, and Sheree J. Wilson, are Judson Mills, and Clarence Gilyard, Jr. I was disappointed that "Jimmy" (Gilyard) wasn't in it more.

    By the way, is there really any county that doesn't have metal detectors at the entrance doors to prevent this exact thing from happening?
  • sad ending

    OMG how sad.... I really hope they don\'t make us wait another 4 yrs, for another \"reunion\" to see what happens to Alex. What a dissapointment for her to get shot! And did they forget about Trivette? They at least could have made mention of him...... Can\'t wait to see what happens.
  • All I can say is WOW

    First off I would just like to say I loved Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire, It was great to see everyone again. The episode was great and I wish that they would bring it back on TV. The hole show was great and the time flyed by way too fast, But as most people know the ending is what has everyone talking. When you think the show is over and everyone is safe is were the show turns you upside down. Alex just out of court then a crazy bank robber from the start of the show runs in with a gun trying to kill the ranger who shot his son, Then the next thing you see is he gets shot about 20 times and then you see Alex with a gun shot to the heart drop to the floor. Cordell Walker who has just left and told his wife "See you at home" will be heart broken.

    I must see a new Walker, Texas Ranger TV movie too see if she lives or dies.

    This was a great movie! Woulda been horrible to miss it. But the ending???? NOOOO!!!!! Really wish that Alex hadn\'t got shot....or atleast not dropped it off like that...CAN\'T BELIEVE IT!!!! And with a daughter(sooo cute).. I\'m hoping that another movie comes soon can\'t wait to see what happens..... NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!
  • Does anyone have a copy of Walker, TX Ranger trial by fire, aired on october 16, 2005?!?!?! My best friend aired in this episode as an extra, and I FORGOT to record!!!!!! This would mean the world to me. E-mail me. I would really appreciate this. Christin

    Does anyone have a copy of Walker, TX Ranger trial by fire, aired on october 16, 2005?!?!?! My best friend aired in this episode as an extra, and I FORGOT to record it!!!!!! This would mean the world to me. E-mail me. I would really appreciate this. Christina_Aguilar1@excite.com Thanks walker fans!!!
  • I cried at the end.

    I was and always will be a huge Walker fan. The movie was done in true Walker style. I would have liked to see more of Trivette and gotten a little more info on what exactly his new position was. I also was shocked at the ending. I don\'t want to see Alex die, but she was shot in what looked to be the heart. It was so ironic how Walker had just walked out right before Alex was shot. Her death will kill Walker and what about thier daughter? I hope to see another movie soon. So many loose ends.
  • Getting tired of the reruns glad to see a new Walker movie. Like the new characters and miss the old crowd also. Missed Trivette. Walkers daughter was adorable, please don\\\'t let her mother die. Natinal Security was a good topic. Thanks to CBS for givin

    As a Walker, Texas Ranger fan I was elated to see a movie again. The characters remaiined true to the old format and even adding a new face and losing an old friend, Trivette. We really missed Trivette in this movie. Moving him onto the FBI would be okay if you could combine the FBI with the Rangers and in all actuallity in this episode involving North Korean agents and National Security the FBI should have been involved. So, where was Trivette? Janine Turner was believeable but we do miss the old team. Shocked at the ending with Alex being shot and lying on the floor. Certainly hope she doesn\\\'t die as we need the Da involved also as she is a big part of Walker. All in all absolutely loved the movie and am looking forward to watching more Walker in the future.
  • Up lifting. Great to see Walker back in action. Very suspenseful, definately left me on the edge of my seat.

    I was so thrilled to see Walker make a come back. It certinaly was hard to let Walker go a few years ago but I am excited that Chuck Norris decided to bring the show back on the air. I still faithfully watch all the re-runs on the Hall Mark channel every chance I get.
    However, I was shocked that the movie ended with Alex getting shot......... Oh I hope she makes it and doesn\'t die. She can\'t die! Like Cordell, Alex makes Walker Texas Ranger what it is, absolutely fantastic. I hope it airs again real soon. Long cliff hangers drive me bonkers. I give this movie a rating of 10 for sure.
  • It was all right,wish Nia peeples was in it.hopeful they make another one for the way it end. As a huge chuck norris fan it was cool seeing him kick but-I hope that it gets good ratins so that can make a another made for tv movie soon.
    It was all right,wish Nia peeples was in it.hopeful they make another one for the way it end.

    As a huge chuck norris fan it was cool seeing him kick but-I hope that it gets good ratins so that can make a another made for tv movie soon.

    Walker kicks ass..