Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 6 Episode 20


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 1998 on CBS

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  • We get to see little Davey Lee again manifest his special powers.

    Let me first say that I really am a big fan of Walker. That being said, though, this episode has to be one of the worst of any throughout the entire series.

    "Warriors" is a continuation, of sorts, of the season five episode, "Higher Power". While I'm no geneticist, the whole idea of "smart" DNA seems a little out there to me. This was just one of those episodes that you hope gets over real soon.

    The leader of the group that abducts first the mom, Susan, then her son, Davey, so that they can harvest, then clone their DNA, does it so he can set up one world government. No cliché there. He plans on doing this, I guess (because he really doesn't explain himself) by creating an invincible army using the advanced DNA supplied by his two captives. This is kind of a subplot for the episode, however.

    It seems the main plot is how the kid, Davey, who is supposedly a reincarnated Buddhist leader, has these wonderful powers. He knew his mother was in trouble because he had dreams about her, though he was at a monastery 6,000 miles away. He sees, through his mom's eyes, while meditating, a portion of a sign that she sees through a window where she's being held. After he too is captured, Davey alerts Walker as to where he's being held by sending him a message while he (Walker) is sleeping. Not trying to knock anyone's Buddhist beliefs, but this stretches the limits of credibility.

    It took me quite awhile to come up with something good to say about this episode. At the end of the climatic fight with the superhuman Boris, who has been doused with some kind of chemical and set on fire by Susan, Walker kicks him through a window and Boris lands in the middle of several barrels of flammable liquids. Boris then meets an untimely demise as many of the barrels explode.

    This was just not a very good episode. I could probably do without seeing again this one for a very long time.