Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 25

Wedding Bells (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 20, 2000 on CBS

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  • The show is very well written.

    I am writing to ask for a copy of Tracy Lawrence CD (stars over Texas). I want the song Just You And Me. I am a fan of the show from the very start. I am also like when the show have different singers. I was not a fan of country music, until I heard Tracy Lawrence sing the song Just you and Me. I don't know what, I was thinking about, this song is heavenly. I have called all over town trying to locate the song so I can buy it. If you send me a copy I would me more than happy to pay for it. Thank You!!

    G.L. Murray
  • They finally get married!!

    So it happened. They actually got married and her dad showed up to walk her down the aisle. I got all teary eyed. It was sooo sweet. Then they are off for their honeymoon when Alex jinxed it. She said given their past she was surprised that it was a perfect day. Then Westmoreland shows up in place of a flight attendant that he killed. He hijacks the plane and kills the pilots. Walker then kills him and takes control of the plane. He calls in a mayday call and the National Flight Control Center talks him through the landing back in the states. Walker and Alex do make it on their honeymoon although she hints at them not seeing much of Paris.

    So call me crazy or a feminist of whatever but I have one issue with something that Alex said. When asked who was with Walker in the cockpit she said “Alex Cahill-Walker. I’m his wife.” What happened to ADA – hello – just because we’re married doesn’t mean that we forget our high powered job. Oh – done ranting…
  • In a rush of excitement Sidney and Gage share an unexpected kiss.

    During the wedding Gage and Sidney shared a couple of deep looks. When the bouquet was thrown Sidney had no intention of catching it, thou it ended up falling right into her arms. After the wedding, while Alex and Walker where on their way to Pairs to have their honeymoon, Gage Sidney, and Trivette went to C.D’s. As Sidney was obviously upset Gage tried to joke about her catching the bouquet, thou she was not laughing. She got up and started chucking the darts into the dart board. Gage told her that some men might be intimidated by her being ranger, and that she will find a guy. When Alex’s and Walker’s plane is hijacked and stared tumbling to the ground everyone was fearing the worse. Thou it all work out ok as the excitement reached the three of them Gage and Sidney shared a (Long hehe) kiss.
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