Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 4 Episode 9

Whitewater (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 1995 on CBS

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  • Alex and Walker work on their relationship...

    This episode is one of the defining episodes for the Alex and Walker relationship. There is humorous and loving banter about their work lives and personal lives needing balance with Alex summing it all up, saying Walker is right about needing a strong foundation in life. One of those moments where you actually make some type of “Aww” or sighing noise out loud. Watching this episode all I could think was that it was about time that they figured out they are perfect for each other. But it was a bit frustrating that every time they tried to be intimate with each other it was interrupted. But as Alex states in a future episode “there track record isn’t good” I guess this was just the start to that bad pattern.
  • Walker and Alex go on a relaxing White Water rafting trip, but it turned into a hostage situation with everyone beleiving that Walker was dead. In the end Walker saves Alex and the rest of the rafters.

    This is defiantly the best episode of Walker that I’ve ever seen! In this episode Walker and Alex really work on there relationship. It kind of made me mad how every time that they were starting to “enjoy” themselves they were interrupted. Walker was thrown into the river by Erickson, their guide, and thought he was dead. Alex asked Erickson “Where’s Walker? I thought he was with you.” “ He went swimming “-Erickson. “What’d you do to Walker”-Alex “He’s history babe”-Erickson. When Alex found out that Walker was “dead” the look on her face was of pure hate, fear, and sadness. She was in a state of shock and I have no idea how she got that genuine look on her face. Erickson was holding all the rafters hostages, making them paddle the raft trying to get past the ranger station. Later Walker swooped down and knocked Erickson out of the raft. When Alex saw him her face lit up, and she and the other rafters got the raft up on shore. Walker and Erickson were fighting, and Walker got him down just as Jimmy and CD got the chopper down on the ground near them. After Walker was done beating up Erickson Alex ran over and hugged Walker and starting to cry saying she thought he was gone. This is an extremely good episode including love and adventure.
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