Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 9 Episode 20

Without a Sound

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 2001 on CBS

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  • I totally love this episode. It is one of the only episodes that is about Gage and Sydney, my two favorite charecters.

    This episode rocks. Gage and sydney go to gage's highschool reunion where Gage meets his ex-girlfriend. After Gage's old girlfriend's fiance gets jelous of how Gage's ex was always talking about Gage, he and she both decide to leave early. Gage decides he'll go apoligize to him. When he reaches them, his ex and her fiance were both shot and killed. Gage felt heartbroken, and then he saw the person who killed them. He told him to stop, but the man shot a car behind him. A bomb went off and so did an alarm. Gage tried to cover his ears, but it didn't work. He lost his hearing. I want tell you anymore. You will have to find out on your own.
  • Gage and Sydney attend his school reunion where a friend of his is killed and he is left deaf. Having to possibly accept his newfound disability, Gage must learn in a new way and overcome his shortcomings. Sydney is by his side throughout the difficulty.

    Gage invites Sydney to his high school reunion and while there, Gage's ex and her fiance are murdered, leaving Gage deaf. Throughout this difficulty, Sydney stays by Gage's side and helps him through everything, including going to learn sign language with him. The incident brings the two closer together and lets Sydney realize her true feelings for Gage, even if she doesn't let him know it. (I liked the summary I wrote, it was too long for the box.)
    I love the chemistry between the characters Sydney and Gage. The way the two characters have danced around each other the last two seasons is breath-taking. This is such a primary reason to watch shows like this. I wish the series had them begin a relationship because they make such a good team, in and out of the workplace (on the show). Even still, the show was regailed when the two entered the show in the eighth season. I will continue to watch and re-watch episodes from these seasons, they are magnificent! I hope there will be another made-for-tv movie, but I hope that this time it will include other characters than just Walker and Gage, as the last one did.
    This show will forever be in my top ranks!
  • I love this episode!!! This is excalty why I watch this series!!! Gage and Sydney are my all time characters.

    I love this episode!!! Gage asks Sydney to come with him to his high school reuin and they run in to his high school sweat heart. It's a sad thing when they are killed in front of Gage like that, but that is what makes this episode so wonderful in the frist place!!! I love watching Gage struggle to learn sign langue as Sydney helps him.

    I have this season on DVD and I love watching this episode over and over again. Along with all the other episodes in this season too.
  • Great episode about Gage and Sydney. After an explosion Gage loose his hearing. After that Sydney helps him through everything.

    I absolutely loved this episode! I mean, how can you not love it? It was completely about Gage and Sydney (who happen to be my favorite couple).
    Although they always rush through these episodes (this one could have easily been an hour and a half long), I really enjoyed this one. Sydney is helping Gage to learn to live with his disablity, and it is shown in a beautiful way. She really supports him and you can also notice, he is pretty protective about her. Too bad they didn't continue this beautiful relationship further in the season or the movie. It could have been great. Well, us SAG fans just have to do it with this wonderful episode then...
  • This episode is about Gage who loses his sound. So his job is to recover his lost sound so that way he can get to work as a ranger.To do that he had to go to school and learn that using signals with your hand can mean any certain word.

    This was a wonderful episode for me. Nothing but Sydney and Gage only. This was a very special episode for me because it was very sweet that Sydney would take good care of Gage for a while until his sound came back. Also Gage was able to detect the murderers coming in.
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