Walking Tall

Season 1 Episode 1

The Killing of McNeal County's Children

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 1981 on NBC

Episode Recap

In the parking lot of Tooner's – A popular teen hang-out, in Cleary – Teenager Byron Lee Miller (Sean Michael Kelly) sits in his car, trying to talk a young dope dealer by the name of Wiley Crawford into selling him some of "That new stuff", for a big date, he has, that evening. Crawford (Gordon Haight) leans against Miller's car, and, at first, tries to discourage Miller. This new batch, he believes, is pretty powerful, and he's doubtful that Miller can handle it. But, Miller assures Crawford that he can, so, while keeping an eye on the crowd, Crawford reaches back through the driver's window, and Miller slips Crawford some money. Then, Crawford, after a quick scan of the parking lot, pulls a flat box from the waistband of his jeans. He quickly turns, and leans through the window, as he opens the box.

"Aww…" says Miller. "You're a pal, man!"

"What are friends for?" returns Crawford, as he takes 2 long, brown PCP-laced cigarettes from the box, and gives them to Miller.

Miller lights up, immediately, as Crawford discreetly slips the box back into the waistband of his jeans. Crawford steps away, as Miller inhales, and savors the buzz. But, as he's about to take another drag, he happens to glance at his rearview mirror. When he sees Sheriff Pusser pull into the lot, in his patrol car, he scrunches himself down low, in the seat, to try to stay out of sight, and takes another drag.

Buford pulls into a parking space, gets out, and, and, as he steps toward the door of the establishment, one of the teenage girls, greets him. Buford has a brief conversation with the girl, and greets another teen, as he heads into the building.

While Miller continues getting stoned, in his car, Buford steps in, and greets Orville Tooner (Bill Zuckert). He jokes with Tooner for a bit, about the quality of the food, at Tooner's, then places a lunch order.

Meanwhile, Miller is beginning to feel the effects of the powerful drug. As he begins to freak out, he cranks up his car, races the engine, throws the car in reverse, and floors the accelerator. With a loud screech of it's tires, the car roars backward, and a Waitress must jump out of the way, scattering a food order, as the car races backward, taking out a trash can, and a row of potted shrubs, on it's way.

Inside, as Buford jokes with Tooner, Buford hears the racket, turns, and rushes out of the building. Outside, Miller throws the car in 'drive', and roars out of the parking lot. Buford stops to check on the Waitress, as Miller screeches out into the street. He skids to a stop, in front of the entrance to Tooner's as Buford turns, to face the car.

Buford stares for a moment, as Miller races his engine. Buford shouts a warning to the kid, as Miller rants something about 'Beating the devil', then floors the accelerator. The car tears into the parking lot, and Buford doesn't budge. He stands directly in the path of the speeding car, until the last second, then dives to his left, out of it's path.

Miller veers to his left, taking out a couple of picnic tables, as he speeds out into the alley, behind Tooner's. Buford races to his patrol car, gets in, cranks up, and gives chase, siren blaring.

Meanwhile, Miller roars down the alley, and back out onto the street. On his way down the alley, Buford calls for backup, on the police radio, reporting that he's in high-speed pursuit. Aaron responds, and, after Buford reports on his location, he gets into his cruiser, and heads out.

Miller screeches onto a dirt road, and roars down it, toward the railroad tracks. He becomes airborne, briefly, as he speeds over the tracks, and continues down the dirt road.

Buford calls Aaron, on the radio, and Aaron reports that he's almost in position. Aaron stops his patrol car in Miller's path, and gets out, as Miller approaches. Aaron tries to wave Miller down, but Miller speeds on, ignoring Aaron. Aaron jumps out of the way, as Miller veers to the left, and crashes into 2 parked vehicles, nearby.

Shortly later, Buford arrives at the scene. He and Aaron rush to the car, and find Miller freaking out. They wrestle him out of the car, as he continues to rant about the devil, carry him to Buford's patrol car, and put him into the back seat.

Later, at the hospital, Helen and Jed Miller sit by the side of the bed, where their Son lies, subdued by leather straps, oblivious to the world around him. As Byron Lee Miller continues to rant about the devil, Buford steps in, with a report from Doctor Porterson. They know that Byron has taken some kind of drug, but tests for several different chemicals have turned up negative.

Jed Miller (Ancel Cook) admits that, as a teen, he'd experimented with some intoxicating agents, but he's upset that no one knows what it was that has scrambled his Son's brain. Mrs. Miller (Jeannie Dimter Barton) is quite upset, when she relates the story of how Terry Cantrell – Who sits, nearby, in a chair, in a catatonic state, unable to even feed himself – Was admitted to the hospital, the previous week, with similar symptoms.

"He tried to tear himself up!!" cries Mrs. Miller, tearfully. "He took his own fingernails… And he… Dug 'em right down to his bones!! He never even felt a thing!!"

"Buford, I'm askin' you, for all I'm worth…" says Jed Miller, as he comforts his Wife. "Find out what kind of poison this is… Who done it… And stop it. Please."

"You've got my word on that." Returns Buford.

Later, in his office, Buford is discussing the situation with Grady and Joan. They know that, whatever these kids are taking, it's not something that they've gotten from the medicine cabinet. Buford makes it clear that he wants to know what drug they're dealing with, where it's coming from, who's making it, and who's dispensing it.

Buford orders Grady to take a run over to Tooner's, and ask around about Miller's activities, the day he freaked out. As Grady heads out, he greets Carl, Dwana, and Michael, on their way in. They've brought Buford some lunch, and, as they take it to Buford's office, Buford steps over to talk to Michael, who stands nearby, looking a bit upset.

Buford can tell that something is bothering Michael, and he asks what's going on. Michael relates that the whole school is talking about the Miller incident, and he asks his Dad if he intends to put Byron Lee in jail. Buford answers that he has no such intention, adding that Byron is already in a jail, of sorts, "His whole mind totally shut off from the outside world". Buford asks Michael what he's heard, and all Michael can say is that there's been some talk around school about drugs. Buford asks him if he's heard what drug, in particular, and where it might be coming from, but Michael answers that he hasn't.

As Buford tells Michael to keep his eyes and ears open for any such information, Aaron enters. Carl and Dwana head out, taking Michael along, and they say their farewells to Buford, and greet Aaron, on their way out. When Carl and The Kids are away, Aaron shows Buford some evidence he'd found, while searching Byron Lee's car – 4 of the spiked cigarettes. Buford keeps one of the cigarettes, gives Aaron 3 of the them, and orders him to take them to Mr. Proctor's laboratory, for analysis.

Later, at Proctor's lab, Buford watches, as Proctor (Whit Bissell) looks through a microscope, at a sample of one of the cigarettes. Proctor tells Buford that he's found white crystals of phencyclidine, or PCP – Better known as 'angel dust' – In the cigarette. Proctor then relates that, with the basic formula, plenty of ice, the right chemicals, and under the right conditions, PCP can be manufactured by just about anyone.

Buford is shocked that these chemicals are readily available, and asks where one might obtain them. Proctor relates that the base chemical, piperidene – Though officially a controlled substance – Is easily obtainable at the hardware store, just down the street. Buford thanks Proctor, and heads out, but pauses, and turns back. He confirms with Proctor, that ice is a part of the manufacturing process, and Proctor adds that the temperature must be carefully controlled, during the manufacturing process, but – Most importantly of all – There must be no water introduced into the mixture.

"If that happens…" Says Proctor, "BOOM!"

Buford again thanks Proctor, and shakes his hand, before turning to leave.

Later, at Rossiter's hardware store, as Buford inspects a drum of the piperidine, he asks who owns the chemical company who has been supplying the base element. Rossiter (James O'Connell) answers that a man named Oliver Moss owns the company – Known as Trans-Allied Chemical – But that his operation is in Altaloma County. Buford then asks that Rossiter get rid of the piperidine, but Rossiter protests. It seems he'd paid $500 for the drum, and doesn't want to pour the expensive substance into the dumpster.

Buford then reminds Rossiter that he's been selling the preparation for $50 a pint, giving him a clear profit of $8000, on the 20-gallon drum of chemical. Buford knows that Rossiter knows what the piperidine is being used for, and, with a little legal blackmail – Such as a threat of informing the public of Rossiter's profit margin, and the fact that he's knowingly dispensing the piperidine for use in the illegal drug trade – Persuades Rossiter to change his mind.

"I think you're doin' the right thing, Mister Rossiter." Says Buford, shortly later, as Rossiter reluctantly pours the 20 gallons of piperidine into the dumpster. "I really do."

When Rossiter is done, Buford disposes of the drum, and shakes Rossiter's hand, before leaving.

Later, at the Altaloma County line, Buford – With Aaron as back-up – Waits, his 'pacifier' in hand, as the latest delivery of piperidine approaches, in a large, 18-wheeled truck. The truck comes to a stop, and Buford asks the driver for his manifest. When Buford checks it out, he sees that the driver is to make 2 stops in McNeal county, before continuing on down to Florida.

Buford then steps to the rear of the truck, and, after removing a canvas cover, climbs up into the trailer, where 15 or so 20-gallon drums of piperidine are stacked. Buford proceeds to pitch the drums off the trailer, one at a time, and, when the driver protests, Aaron tells him not to bother Buford, while he's working.

Once done, Buford steps down to the road, and the driver follows, as Buford steps toward the front of the truck. Buford tells the driver that McNeal County is closed to Moss's trucks, and the driver returns that Moss will have his Lawyers down on Buford.

"You ain't heard the last of this!" the driver adds, from the cab of his truck, as Aaron follows Buford, to his patrol car.

"Next time you see me," shouts Buford, as he pauses, at the car. "You gonna wish you hadn't!"

The driver cranks the truck, and continues on down the highway, and, after he passes, Aaron asks Buford:

"Think that'll keep Moss out of McNeal County?"

"Nope." Answers Buford. "I don't."

The next day, at the school, Mrs. Fairmont, The Principal, (Marte Boyle Slout) talks to a class about how Sheriff Pusser had come to her, for help, with the PCP situation. She adds that she'd told The Sheriff, that the Students, themselves, would be much more help than she.

"How?" asks one boy, in the class. "By snitchin' on each other?"

Buford then steps in, and tells the Students that that is exactly what he's got in mind. He goes on, for a while, about the dangers of PCP, and how it's effects can linger on, for the rest of one's life. Buford then admits that his generation had it's 'crutches', in the form of alcohol, and pills.

"So, maybe…"Buford adds, "You oughta be allowed to have yours… Right?"

"Amen, brother!" says Wiley Crawford, who stands against the wall, in the back of the classroom.

This little comment gets a chuckle from the class, as Buford tells them that they're wrong.

"None of it… Is any good." Says Buford. "The only difference between the 'crutches', is how long it's gonna take, before they kill you."

Buford then goes on to say that one PCP cigarette can cause immediate, and permanent brain damage. One boy, in the class, then asks about the conditions of Terry Cantrell, and Byron Lee Miller. Buford suggests that the all pay a visit to those boys, to see for themselves how Terry and Byron don't relate to the world around them, any longer. One girl, in the class – Melinda (Shannon Terhune) – Suggests that the victims simply took too much PCP. But Buford tells Melinda that the drug they're dealing with is home-made, and no one knows how much is 'too much'. Buford then tells them that PCP also causes genetic damage, which can be passed down to their children, and that their children are the future of their Country.

"Please help me…" Buford pleads, "…Stop this drug. For your own sake. For my sake. For everybody's sake."

It seems that Buford has touched some of the Students, especially Michael.

Later, at Tooner's, Michael and his friend, Frank (Robert DeLapp), bring lunch to a table, where Melinda sits, waiting for them. As Michael nears the table, he happens to glance out the window, and sees Wiley Crawford, standing at the driver's window of an old black car. As he pauses, and stares, Melinda notices, and asks him what's going on. When Michael calls Melinda's and Frank's attention to the scene in the parking lot, Frank recognizes Crawford, right away, and knows what he's doing. Frank defends Crawford, claiming that he deals in "Uppers, downers… Never anything special", and that he's not doing anyone any harm. But Michael disagrees. He watches Crawford conclude the deal, then gets up, without a word, and steps away.

Later, at the Sheriff's office, as Buford enters, Joan has a report for him, from a neighboring county, where an explosion, in a home PCP lab, had started a fire which had burned down 3 houses, before being brought under control.

Just then, the phone rings. When Joan answers, it's Michael, at Tooner's, and he asks to speak to his Dad. When Buford gets on, Michael lowers his voice, when he tells his Dad about the scene he's just witnessed, in the parking lot, at Tooner's.

Not long later, Buford pulls into Tooner's lot, undercover, in a plumbing van. He pulls in beside Crawford's pickup truck, just as 2 local teens – David Coombs and Arly McCree (Eric Stoltz and Kipp Lennon) – Step over to make a deal with Crawford. They make no effort to be discreet, as they ask Crawford if he's "Got any more of that good stuff".

As Buford sneaks out the back doors of the plumbing van, McCree hands Crawford a small bag of cash, and Crawford asks the two if they're sure they want to go through with this, after the Sheriff's "Little speech, this morning". Coombs and McCree assure Crawford that they can handle it, and, as Crawford hands them 2 PCP cigarettes, Buford rushes in, and grabs Crawford's arm.

Buford tells McCree and Coombs to go on home, and they're surprised that Buford is letting them go. But Buford assures them that he'll be by, later, to talk the situation over, with their Parents. After they're away, Buford orders Crawford to get out of his pickup, and Crawford tries to make a break for it. But Buford catches him, and Aaron is now there, for backup.

Crawford whines for The Sheriff to let him go, but Buford makes it clear, to Crawford that he intends to get to the top of the PCP ring, beginning with "The bottom rung" of the ladder. Crawford tries to make another break for it, but, again, Buford catches him, then turns him over to Aaron, who takes Crawford, and puts him in the back of his patrol car.

Meanwhile, inside Tooner's, the entire scene has been witnessed by Michael and his friends. Melinda and the others seem to think that Crawford doesn't deserve what's happening to him, and then immediately begin to snub Michael, for 'snitching' on someone.

Later, at the hospital, as Buford looks on, Wiley Crawford, stands, tears in his eyes, as he stares at Byron Lee Miller, struggling against his restraints, as he rants about 'Getting the devil'.

"There's only one way to stop this, Wiley." Says Buford, angrily.

"Sheriff…" Crawford begins. "My source is… Bobby Joe Wilson."

That night, in a barn, at Wilson's place, Bobby Joe Wilson (Robert Englund) is preparing another batch of his PCP-laced cigarettes, while his mixture bubbles and gurgles, in a bucket, behind him. Wilson turns, checks the temperature of the mixture, then dumps in a bit more ice, from a nearly empty bag, then turns, and steps out of the barn. He walks to the house, picks up a bag of ice, from a stack near the house, turns, and starts back to the barn, when Buford pulls in, in his patrol car.

Wilson pauses, as Buford gets out of the car, and steps toward him. Wilson glances, nervously, back and forth, between Buford, and the barn, as Buford approaches.

"Are you Bobby Joe Wilson?" asks Buford.

Wilson turns, and steps toward Buford.

"What can I do for you, Sheriff?"

Buford tells Wilson that he was wondering about the strange smell in the vicinity, and Wilson returns that it's nothing, and adds that he was only making ice cream. But Buford knows that the smell is that of ether, and that ether isn't normally a part of the ice cream making process.

Growing ever more nervous, Wilson suggests that they go out to the front of the house, to talk, which makes Buford even more suspicious. He asks about the bag of ice, Wilson is carrying, and Wilson pretends not to know what the Sheriff is talking about. Buford then brings up the subject of how ether – When it becomes unstable – Can cause "One helluva big blast". Still, Wilson plays dumb, and Buford insists that the aroma is that of ether.

"I think we oughta go on in there," says Buford, gesturing toward the barn, "And take a look at your batch of 'ice cream'."

"I think…" says Wilson, now, more nervous than ever, "We better get the hell outta here!!"

Wilson tosses the big bag of ice into Buford, and, just as they both turn, the barn explodes, knocking them both to the ground. Wilson quickly gets to his feet, and runs away. Buford rolls the bag of ice off his chest, gets to his feet, and watches Wilson drive away. He then turns to look at the barn, as it blazes away.

The next day, at the Pusser home, the Family is gathered around the dinner table, and Michael picks at his food, as Buford tells Carl about how he still intends to nail Wilson, but that the person he really wants, is the one who gave Wilson the recipe for the PCP. Carl thinks it might be this Oliver Moss, whom Buford has told him about, and Carl knows that the fact that Buford has no hard evidence against Moss, is really getting Buford down.

Buford then comments on how Michael's appetite seems to be off, and Michael returns that he's just not very hungry. Buford then tells Michael how much he appreciates his tip, earlier, and Michael returns that his school-mates don't seem to think it was the right thing to do. But Buford assures Michael that his school-mates are dead wrong.

The Kids ask to be excused from the table, and, after they're away, Buford comments on how tough it is to grow up. Carl agrees, and adds that Michael's experience, today, made it just about as tough as it can get, for a kid. Carl goes on to tell Buford about how Michael's friends are calling him a 'stool pigeon', and asks Buford if he remembers what that was like, when he was a boy.

After a bit of thought, Buford leaves the table, and steps out of the room. He finds Michael sitting on the stairway, and sits down beside him. He tells Michael, again, that his school-mates are very wrong, then adds that he knows that that doesn't make Michael feel any better. But, he tells Michael that he's very proud of him.

The following day, at the Trans-Allied Chemical warehouse, Moss's truck driver, Tyree (Gary M. Kluger), complains to Moss of his inability to make deliveries into McNeal County. It seems that Buford has posted deputies at every highway into the County, and they've been turning the Trans-Allied trucks away. Then, another of Moss's employees, Vinnie (David Clover), adds that there have been numerous complaints from customers. Vinnie adds that he's told the customers that they've been having some mechanical problems, but that that won't fool them for long. Tyree suggests that Moss take Pusser to Court, but Moss nixes that idea, for it could take quite some time, and the publicity wouldn't be good for his company.

"I need somethin' to get Pusser off my back!" says Moss, angrily. "I need to turn his head!"

"I got a way." Says Wilson, who has just stepped into the room, unseen.

Moss, Tyree, and Vinnie turn to look at Wilson.

"I got just what you need." Continues Wilson. "Only question is… What's it gonna be worth to you?"

Later, on a street corner, near the school, Wilson hails Coombs and McCree as they pass, on their way to school, and calls them over. He tells them about the new lab he's about to set up, and offers them an opportunity to get in on the 'ground floor', promising them that – For a $100 investment – They can have enough dust for 50 cigarettes. McCree is a bit leery, at first, but Wilson adds that – Should someone 'space out', like Cantrell, or Miller – They just "Lighten up on the dust". The boys agree, but Wilson adds a catch to the deal: A certain 'snitch', that needs to be "Taught a lesson". The boys know exactly who Wilson is talking about, and Wilson produces a small packet of angel dust, for the job. After a bit of thought, the boys agree, and Wilson gives Coombs the packet.

Later on, at one of the county-line road-blocks, Grady and Aaron stand by, smiling, as Buford talks, on his mobile phone, to a fellow Sheriff. Buford is giving that Sheriff some double-talk about how his Deputies have been turning away Trans-Allied trucks, due to mechanical defects, which make them unsafe for operation, in McNeal County. The Sheriff on the other end, goes on and on, about the pressure he's under, due to Buford's activities, but Buford rushes him off, with a promise to talk to him at another time.

That afternoon, at the school, Melinda sits with Michael, at a picnic table, trying to apologize for the way she'd snubbed him, the previous day. Michael tells her to forget about it, and Melinda smiles, and tells Michael how lucky she is to have him for a friend.

Meanwhile, McCree and Coombs make their way toward the picnic area, each with a cup in his hand. They stop, outside the wall, and McCree keeps watch, while Coombs pours the little packet of powder into the cup in his hand. They then continue on into the picnic area, and step to the table where Michael and Melinda sit. Coombs sets his cup on the table, then draws Michael's, and the others' attention with a threat of violence. Michael stands up to Coombs, defending his actions, and offers Coombs the chance to "Make something out of it", and, before Coombs can answer, Frank steps over, to back Michael up. Coombs backs down, but, before he and McCree turn to leave, Coombs picks up Michael's cup from the table, making sure he leaves the 'spiked' one behind.

As Coombs and McCree walk away, both Frank and Melinda offer words of encouragement to Michael, as he takes a long drink from the cup spiked with PCP.

Not long later, while Buford is out on patrol, Joan calls him, from the office, on the police radio. Joan hesitates, before telling him the news that Michael's school had called, to tell them that Michael is up on the roof of the school, threatening to jump off. Buford hits the lights and siren, and speeds away toward the school.

Shortly later, followed closely by an ambulance, Buford arrives at the school. A crowd of students has gathered near the building, atop of which, Michael stands, arms outstretched, as though about to test his 'wings'. Buford gets out of his patrol car, and pushes his way through the crowd. Soon, Melinda steps over to him, to explain that Michael's behavior had started quite suddenly. Then, Frank steps over to add that he thinks that Coombs and McCree put something in Michael's drink. Coombs and McCree stand, nearby, and deny the accusation, then make a run for it. But Buford orders the crowd to catch and hold them.

Buford then turns his attention back to Michael. As he steps closer to the building, he pleads with Michael not to jump. Mrs. Fairmont steps over to Buford, and shows him where Michael climbed up to the top of the building, and Grady and Aaron arrive, as Buford hurries away, toward the ladder.

Buford climbs the ladder to the top of the building, and cautiously approaches Michael, as Michael goes on about how he can fly like a bird. Buford tries to turn Michael's attention toward him, but it doesn't work, and, before Buford can get to him, Michael falls, more than jumps, from the top of the building to the lower roof of an adjoining building.

Later, as Michael is being loaded into the ambulance, Grady and Aaron take Coombs and McCree into custody. Buford angrily orders the boys to tell what they put into Michael's drink, and Coombs admits that it was PCP, explaining that Bobby Joe Wilson had forced them to do it. Buford orders his Deputies to book the two for attempted murder, then he gets into the ambulance, to ride to the hospital, with Michael.

At the hospital, Buford waits, in the hallway, outside Michael's room, a sad, pained expression on his face. Across the hall, sit Carl, Dwana, and Joan. Carl gets up, and steps over to try to comfort his Son, but Buford can't be comforted.

"Two years ago…" says Buford, sadly, and a bit angrily, "I lost my Wife… In this hospital… Because I'm Sheriff. Now, I could lose my Son. The same way."

Dr. Porterson then steps out, with a report on Michael's condition. It seems he's sustained both a broken arm, which the Doctor has set, and a broken leg, which will have to remain in traction for a while. But, when Buford asks about Michael's mind, Porterson has to say that he doesn't know, yet. He adds that Michael is unconscious, and that that could be due to the fall, or "Something else".

"We're just gonna have to wait, and see." Says Porterson.

The next morning, Buford sits at Michael's bedside, holding his Son's hand. Joan steps in to tell Buford that Aaron has called, to say that he and Grady have found where Wilson is hiding out, and that they'll be moving in, soon. But Buford – A blank expression on his face – States his intention to take care of Wilson, himself.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Grady have staked out the old Horton shack, near Willow Creek. Buford, on his way there, calls for an update on Wilson's activities, and Aaron reports that Wilson had carried in some items that might have been chemicals.

Buford arrives, shortly later, gets out of his car, then gets his 'pacifier' out of the back seat. As he makes his way toward the old shack, Aaron tries to talk him out of moving in, just yet, for they may not have enough evidence to charge Wilson with manufacturing.

"I may not have enough evidence as Sheriff of McNeal County," says Buford, angrily, as he stomps toward the shack, "But, as Michael Pusser's Father, I've got more than enough evidence!"

He steps to the door of the shack, draws back his 'pacifier', caves in the door, and steps in. Wilson backs away, and cowers in a corner, and, as Aaron and Grady enter, weapons drawn, Buford proceeds to make short work of the PCP lab, totally destroying it, with his 'pacifier'. When he's done, he steps to Wilson, grabs him by his left ear, and demands to know the name of the person who gave him the recipe for the PCP. Both Aaron and Grady, well aware that Buford is furious, step in, and manage to persuade Buford not to perform any bodily harm on Wilson.

Wilson takes a wadded-up piece of paper out of his jacket, and gives it to Buford, who then gives it to Aaron. Aaron confirms that it's the recipe, then Buford demands a name. Wilson balks, but Aaron convinces him that he should talk, and Wilson tells Buford that it was Moss who had provided him with the recipe.

Buford turns, and stomps out of the shack, 'pacifier' in hand, as Aaron and Grady take Wilson into custody. They turn and follow, and, once outside the shack, Aaron pleads with Buford not to do anything foolish, but there's no stopping him, now.

Later, Buford roars into the lot of the Trans-Allied facility, and takes out a stack of containers, containing some kind of white powder. He gets out of the patrol car, and, as he gets his 'pacifier' out of the back seat, Tyree hurries in to tell Moss and Vinnie, that Buford has arrived. They all then rush to the window, and watch, as Buford proceeds to wreak havoc with the containers of chemicals in the warehouse, especially the piperidine.

Moss angrily orders Vinnie to do something, so Vinnie steps to the back of the office, takes an M-16 assault rifle from the corner, and exits the office. Buford sees him coming, and dives behind some of the containers, as Vinnie begins to fire. Buford lies low, as Vinnie crouches, and looks for Buford. Then, Buford tosses his 'pacifier' behind Vinnie, drawing his attention. As Vinnie spins around, Buford jumps out, and takes him out with 2 shots from his service revolver. He then steps over, takes the M-16, steps back, and begins to shoot holes in the many containers of chemicals, stacked in a row, in front of him.

Moss watches, for a while, then turns, hurries out the back door of the office, and heads for his car, as Tyree grabs a pipe, and steps out into the warehouse, to meet Buford, head on. He takes one swing at Buford, with the pipe, which Buford easily ducks, then takes Tyree out with a couple of blows of his 'pacifier'.

Meanwhile, Moss is on his way out, in his car. When Buford hears Moss making his getaway, he rushes out of the warehouse, directly into the path of the car. He steps backward, the car narrowly missing him, and shatters the windshield, with his 'pacifier', as the car passes. Moss loses control of the car, and crashes into a metal shed, near the gate. Buford then rushes over, opens the door, and is about to drag Moss out of the car, but finds him unconscious.

Two months later…

Buford, Carl, and Dwana follow, as Dr. Porterson wheels Michael out of the hospital. Now fully recovered, aside from his broken arm, Michael tells the Doctor how good it is to be released. Porterson tells Buford that it's OK for Michael to go back to school, and that he'll be out, soon, to check up on Michael. Buford thanks The Doctor for everything he's done, and the Doctor adds that it was The Work Of The Lord that Michael's brain hadn't been scarred.

As they approach the front entrance of the hospital, Buford pauses, as Aaron enters. Buford tells Carl that he'll catch up with them, and Aaron greets Michael, Carl, and Dwana, as he steps toward Buford. Aaron comments on how good Michael looks, and Buford agrees. Buford then asks the latest news from Altaloma County.

"The Jury convicted Oliver Moss and his boys, this morning." Answers Aaron, then adds: "It's over, Buford."

Just then, Mr. and Mrs. Miller step into the hospital lobby, and pause, for a moment, to talk to Michael, briefly, before heading in to go and visit their Son. Buford greets them, as they step slowly, and sadly past, and, after they're away, Buford turns to Aaron.

"No." says Buford, sadly, and somewhat angrily. "It's not over, yet. We've still got a… Ways to go."

Buford throws an arm around Aaron, and pats him on the back, as they step toward the Family. Carl opens the door, and Buford wheels Michael out of the hospital.