Walking Tall

NBC (ended 1981)





  • Season 1 Episode 3: Kidnapped

  • GOOF?

    In the scene where Carl, Michael, and Dwana are leaving the ballpark, ice cream cones in hand, after the baseball game, as they walk past a long, white concrete block wall – If one looks at the extreme upper/right portion of the screen, the words 'UNITED STATES POST OFFICE' 'NEWHALL, CALIFORNIA', can be read, on the wall. This seems very much out of place, for several reasons:

    1.) They are supposedly just leaving a ballpark, after a baseball game.

    2.) U.S. Post Offices don't sell ice cream.

    And, the biggest reason of all:

    3.) The real-life Buford Pusser and his Family lived in Tennessee. So – Though it's never mentioned, in any episode in the series – One would assume that the series takes place in Tennessee. Newhall is a small community, near Santa Clarita, California, about 40 miles Northeast of Los Angeles.

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